Minor Account & Family Grouping

Request @Dhan to start Demat Account Opening for Minors or below 18yrs old. Since you’re about to launch Demat Account for NRIs, along with them it would be good to have kids onboard as well.

Also request you to add feature for Family Grouping, so that the Primary member can view or manage his family portfolio from Single Dashboard.

Hope you’ll consider above request.

Hi @ameethwasckar, feedback noted. We will build this at a later stage, currently our team has lot to execute to ensure core trading & investing platform - features and capabilities get built out.

Hi @PravinJ sir, any near future plans to start Demat for Minors ?

Good to see you after a while @NitishMidha. No immediate plans, for now all accounts on Dhan are retail only. We will start with HUF / LLP / Corporate accounts to begin with.

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Any progress about Family Grouping & Minor Account Opening. I mean you started HUF accounts but Minors are more than the registered HUFs in our Country.

In Zerodha one can add upto 10 accounts, make sure @Dhan comes with a group of 12 {Some may want to add in-laws also}.

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Any update on when you plan to add these features?

Any Update For Opening Account For Minor. i want to open demat account for my little girl

Hi @TradingBlogIN welcome to Dhan community!

We will surely inform, if we roll out account opening for Minor.

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Any update on the minor account opening? Zerodha recently opened it - fully online.

Hi PJ @PravinJ , any further update on minor account opening ?

Also is there any wip related to gifting of shares ?

Hi @Vardhan094 We haven’t yet started on minor account opening yet, we still feel there many more things that can be done towards improving core trading experience on Dhan… we will pick some of the other requests as we start delivering on our 2024 roadmap.

Gifting of shares is also something on our list of things to do.