Misleading: Features of Tradingview are shown as Dhan and selling demat

As per above page
I can use

  • Pine Editor
  • Price Alert
  • 1 sec timeframe etc

And now I came to know it is not for dhan hosted tradingview it is for Tradingview Premium customer.
So You are promoting tradingview premium features to sell your demat account.

If not so, are you providing all above claimed feature to your demat holder, if then have you mentioned that user need to Buy Tradingview subscription?

Can I consider this as misleading ???

Hey there,

We operate transparently and never believe in doing such tricks, these are shortcuts which none of us at Dhan subscribe to. Let me answer the part first misleading for selling demat account - we do not sell anything, trading & demat account on Dhan is absolutely free, we charge no fees.

Next about TradingView, its their product & their features - they have their own plans and every user is in a plan - free / pro / pro+ / premium: Dhan is providing users execution capabilities for trades. TradingView has certain services, Dhan has certain services… and usage of TradingView features is controlled by TV and of Dhan by us.

We have two products now with TradingView: First is hosted library on tv.dhan.co and now direct integration is with TradingView via Trading Panel.

We have said we will provide some goodies in addition to above, which are 500 TradingView subscriptions and its terms are clearly mentioned in the post. It is clear that we are talking about trading directly from TradingView with Dhan, and also giving away goodies separately.

We have few users who already getting access today, and hundreds on waitlist for access. This is only post where this mis-interpretation came up. Hope this clarifies.


First you use your user name as what you are being called as
Trading view is having futures which are independent products of Trading view
Dhan has offered only Trade panel attachments
Means even if you are free user of Trading view You can trade using dhan Trade panel for order placement
Free users can also use pine code ,which is platform based products owned by Trading view
Which is open source code , Means you can code as per your methods, after coding any orders placement you need a broker who connect to NSE or BSE , that’s where dhan come into action by providing Trade panel

Take time to justify your comments

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