Missing price calculator in forever order window

Hey @PravinJ @Dhan,
It’d be a good addition to have a total order value calculator in the forever order window, not that it’s absolutely necessary but it’d just be convenient to have it.
Also, I’ve come to notice this just now that it’s not possible to have separate prices for the trigger and limit price?

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This is what I meant when I said it is not possible to have different values for trigger and limit price

Hi @Vishk519 ,

Your feedback for having an order value calculator in the forever order window is noted. Will surely evaluate this suggestion.

Thanks for highlighting the separate prices for the trigger and limit price concern. We are getting it checked. Appreciate you for sharing the video for reference.

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@RahulDeshpande , This is a basic feature and no updates on this yet just to add a calculator? This is really getting annoying for usage of Dhan app as usually lots of users would just want to place an order of say 10k or 15k for each of their favorite scrips with an price of their choice in forever limit order, but we need to get a calculator and keep on multiplying with the amount and quantity to match and place the quantity, I had reported this few months separately, but each time now this has really got extremely annoying for investing usage. Please do something quickly on this as the user experience for this order is extremely bad compared to other apps I have used.

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