Mobile app login optimisation

As a user, mobile application is very useful. But, i think login process needs to be optimised. Mobile app needs password first and then OTP.
Sometimes OTP takes time and that time is bery critical for order placing.

One solution is to use PIN for direct login once mobile application is logged in using username and password.
Switching between apps on mobile keeps getting logged out from mobile application.
Normally it’s okay but when you are trading, it’s very problematic.

Please consider this feedback important as mobile application are very handy for traders.

Hi @Harpreet welcome to Dhan community!

Request you to kindly update the application to the latest version application (1.0.45). In case of any difficulties do let us know.

It still asks for password and OTP everytime we open application

Hi Poornima

Thank you for response. I am using the latest version, the same you have mentioned. But, it’s still asking password and OTP.

Screenshot is attached. Please check with your development team. Because if you have mentioned it, then this supposed to be working.
Thanks and regards

Hi @NitinVerma @Harpreet,

Request you to help us with your registered details via DM or email us at so we can have this checked.

Hi @Poornima
Contact number is 75089 78717.
Registered Mail id is
Hope to have solution soon.

Use biometric or Face ID login

Yeah. We have got these options. But, i am one of those persons who prefer PIN login, if available.

@Poornima Hi

Any update over this issue?

Hi @Harpreet

For the app, we have two biometric login options: Face ID or fingerprint. Alternatively, you can use the OTP process.

These updates are based on regulatory changes, and as a result, no changes can be made to this on Dhan.

When I try to enable biometric below screen appears

Hi @NitinVerma

Please do connect with us in DM or drop us an email from your registered email ID at