Mobile apps for different screen sizes

Hi Team,

I’ve already shared this previously via support email.

Please make Dhan mobile apps work for different screen sizes. Also, please enable multitasking.

This is the one time work. After implementing this we don’t need to rework on this again.

This is very helpful when we want to use 2-3 different apps in parallel view.

Need these two features asap please:

  1. App should automatically adapt to different screen sizes.

  2. Multitasking enabled. We should be able to use two or more app side by side in a single view (very helpful for especially tablet screen sizes)

Kindly do the needful.

Also enable screeen rotation feature.

Currently, our focus for upcoming months are on optimizing for the mobile apps. We are getting requests for Ipad apps, but currently its not on our product feature pipeline. Coming to your suggested pointers:

  1. I am assuming you’re mentioning here mobile apps. If it’s okay with you, can you please share what all other apps do you check simultaneously while trading, as multitasking within small screens will add to the distraction and the experience might heavily hinder.

  2. As mentioned, currently we havent fully optimized for ipads or tablets, though we are considering it and might soon pickup. But unfortunately cant commit on the timelines.

Responsive web version allows auto scaling with physical device screen sizes.

Android / iOS already allow split screen mode to view multiple apps simultaneously.

Hi @t7support

No, split-screen with multitasking is not yet enabled or configured for Android app (no idea regarding iOS)

Although we can do split-screen but if you change screen size it log you out.

I was planning to purchase a tablet but decided to keep it on hold till split-screen multitasking enabled.

Checkout this video I took in a shopping store - 20230625_185140.mp4 - Google Drive

I think this is one time configuration which team needs to do to fit all screen sizes.

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Hi @RahulDeshpande

  1. I use multiple apps on big screen tab sizes only. As a scalper I use multiple other broker (Kite, PaytmMoney) charts open (CE & PE) to catch the trend. Dhan I use for execution.

I think enabling apps for multitasking is a one time optimization code line we need to add (I’m no expert but I read it on Android source code site).

Please just consult one of your developer and checkout the timeline needed to add this configuration settings. I’m sure it won’t be too long.

Hope we get this done :slight_smile:

Okay understood. Feedback has been noted.

Thanks for sharing the video above, its super thoughtful of you to check this in a retail shop :slight_smile: