Modify cover order stop loss leg

Hi @Hardik

I have placed a cover order → SELL order at price 174.05, STOP LOSS leg 174.55

{‘dhanClientId’: ‘1100894325’, ‘orderId’: ‘112308253771’, ‘exchangeOrderId’: ‘1200000003156367’, ‘correlationId’: ‘1100894325-1692936002599’, ‘orderStatus’: ‘TRADED’, ‘transactionType’: ‘SELL’, ‘exchangeSegment’: ‘NSE_EQ’, ‘productType’: ‘CO’, ‘orderType’: ‘LIMIT’, ‘validity’: ‘DAY’, ‘tradingSymbol’: ‘ONGC’, ‘securityId’: ‘2475’, ‘quantity’: 1, ‘disclosedQuantity’: 0, ‘price’: 174.05, ‘triggerPrice’: 0.0, ‘afterMarketOrder’: False, ‘boProfitValue’: 0.0, ‘boStopLossValue’: 0.0, ‘legName’: ‘ENTRY_LEG’, ‘createTime’: ‘2023-08-25 09:30:02’, ‘updateTime’: ‘2023-08-25 09:30:02’, ‘exchangeTime’: ‘2023-08-25 09:30:02’, ‘drvExpiryDate’: ‘0001-01-01’, ‘drvOptionType’: ‘NA’, ‘drvStrikePrice’: 0.0, ‘omsErrorCode’: ‘0’, ‘omsErrorDescription’: ‘TRADE CONFIRMED’, ‘filled_qty’: 1, ‘algoId’: ‘0’}, {‘dhanClientId’: ‘1100894325’, ‘orderId’: ‘112308253771’, ‘exchangeOrderId’: ‘1200000003157049’, ‘correlationId’: ‘1100894325-1692936002599’, ‘orderStatus’: ‘PENDING’, ‘transactionType’: ‘BUY’, ‘exchangeSegment’: ‘NSE_EQ’, ‘productType’: ‘CO’, ‘orderType’: ‘STOP_LOSS_MARKET’, ‘validity’: ‘DAY’, ‘tradingSymbol’: ‘ONGC’, ‘securityId’: ‘2475’, ‘quantity’: 1, ‘disclosedQuantity’: 0, ‘price’: 0.0, ‘triggerPrice’: 174.55, ‘afterMarketOrder’: False, ‘boProfitValue’: 0.0, ‘boStopLossValue’: 0.0, ‘legName’: ‘STOP_LOSS_LEG’, ‘createTime’: ‘2023-08-25 09:30:02’, ‘updateTime’: ‘2023-08-25 09:30:02’, ‘exchangeTime’: ‘2023-08-25 09:30:02’, ‘drvExpiryDate’: ‘0001-01-01’, ‘drvOptionType’: ‘NA’, ‘drvStrikePrice’: 0.0, ‘omsErrorCode’: ‘0’, ‘omsErrorDescription’: ‘CONFIRMED’, ‘filled_qty’: 0, ‘algoId’: ‘0’}]

Here the sell price is 174.05 and to cover losses i have given 0.50 which is 174.55 as stop loss. So after some time the stock is moving in positive way for me which is the stock price is decreasing.
so now the price is 173.75.
I tried moving my stop loss from 174.55 to 174.0 , i think it should be possible. But it is giving error.

@Hardik is my question valid? If it is inavlid please reply inavlid… atleast I can proceed

Hello @kedar

Sorry missed this earlier on other thread. Yes, this is not the intended scenario and should allow you to modify the stop loss order. Can you confirm if you’re trying to modify the stop loss leg post execution of the entry leg?

yes @Hardik,

I am trying to modify the stop loss leg post execution of main leg.

Post execution of the main orders:

the ideal scenarios and messages should be :
Trigger price cannot be modified above current price of the stock as main order is buy.

Trigger price cannot be modified below current price of the stock as main order is sell.

I am blocked on this. can you please fix it and let me know.

@Hardik When can I expect the fix?

@Hardik any update on this?

Hello @kedar

Not yet. We are looking into this issue, if the message which is appearing is on frontend validation or backend. Will keep you informed.

Hi @Hardik ,

is this fixed? If it is not , any plan for fixing it? Please let me know…

Hello @kedar

Yes, checked this with the team. So the messaging that you see is in respect of the entire Cover Order.

Over here, since your first leg is Sell order, hence the error message states Main Order is Sell. Hence, the message is correct.

However, this is one of the scenarios that we are not handling right now: Editing Stop Loss leg of cover order to a price which is more/less than the price of first leg when the first leg has been executed. Will definitely evaluate solutions for this at our end.

as you mentioned in Another thread the issue is fixed
Exit All Through API - #16 by kedar
Tried the sl leg modification after main leg execution. Facing same issue

Hello @kedar

This case still persists. Over the other thread, we were talking about placing SL order via APIs, and modifying the same which works as intended.

Hello @Hardik I have been facing the same issue,

Can we expect a fix soon?

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Hello @ibiswajit

Is this also while modifying stop loss leg of cover order, as highlighted above?

If yes, then currently, you cannot modify stop loss leg above entry leg (main order) in case of buy cover order and vice versa. We are looking into this to improve the experience here.

Yes, this is while modifying the stop-loss leg of the order through the mobile app and I have been modifying the stop-loss leg of the order through dhan web and it works smoothly, it looks like for the time being I have to stick to the dhan web. Nevertheless, I expect a fix for the mobile app and soon.

Thank You

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Noted. This shouldn’t be the case then. We will check this and deploy fix wherever necessary.

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This issue still persist on the and dhan mobile app.

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When are you going to fix the problem of SL modification above / below the buy/sell of the original first order leg of the cover order? Right now the Cover Order feature is unusable on Dhan as one is not able to trail the stop loss into profit because you guys have not bothered to look into something as basic as this when developing your platform. This is really very pathetic, honestly.

Hello @PratimP

Welcome to Dhan Community!

We are looking into this. As mentioned by @ibiswajit , it is working on Web platform. We will deploy fixes for App as well. On, we are debugging issue there.

Hello @Hardik hope you are doing well. Just wanted to know when the Dhan tech team going to deploy fixes for the app for this issue. I was away today and traded from mobile and exited at a loss because of this issue. It has become really frustrating.

Hello, @Hardik @Poornima @PravinJ

I have faced the issue again today while trading on mobile and because I was forced to exit a profitable trade at breakeven. Why can’t the Dhan tech team implement the same thing on the app like the Dhan web? Looks like no one is interested in solving problems or fixing issues. It’s been a month since @Hardik said to fix the issue but no results, no fixes.
Bought @193.15
Stop Loss@171.95
As you can see the price is 227, I wanted to move the Stop loss to 220 and I got this error.
Before you guys say this cannot be modified please understand that this kind of modification works fine over Dhan web, you just need to bring tat to the mobile app as well. Hope this issue is fixed soon.