Most Owned Stocks in India: Companies with highest no of shareholders 📈

There has been a notable surge in the number of individuals holding demat accounts and actively participating in investments. Our analysis uncovered some fascinating data regarding the companies with the highest number of shareholders associated with them. Interestingly, Yes Bank has garnered over 50 lakh investors, surpassing all other companies listed on the Indian stock exchange.

To give you all a clearer understanding, we have prepared an infographic displaying the companies with the highest number of investors in India.

Do you hold any of the above stocks?

P.S.: Investments in securities markets are subject to market risk. All the mentioned stocks are for educational purpose only and not as a recommendation


I hold Yes Bank. Not really an investor. But found an opportunity at an attractive low price and so got in.

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For how long have you been holding it?

Same here , have Yes Bank from around 3 months. Planning to hold for 5 years for 100 tgt :slightly_smiling_face:

Around 3 yrs now this one is lying in portfolio.

Meanwhile me having the stock at an average of Rs. 240 in good chunk

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Pls also publish a list

price x quantity = total value

Yes Bank
5000000 x Rs, 15 = around 7.5 cr

31000 x Rs. 2400 = around 7.5 cr