Most unintutive user interface with some great features that you need to employ a private detective to find out!


Dhan is a feature rich site. But to reach upto the features one needs to employ a private detective. Does anyone know some such detective?
For example. if I want to do Options trading what do I need ? 1] Options Chain ] Charts. Now where do I find those? Deep inside hidden cleverly !!

When I log in I see a page with too many links and everything. On the left is a pre-made watchlist. Now if I want to go to charts from that watchlist? How do I go to a chart?

Only a detective can tell may be!

Also WHy in the world the Options chain by default gets set to 2 weeks ahead expiry? Today I see 29th June selected automatically!!! WHY?
WHoever has designed, must be a great person with very little expereince in trading.


Hi @EmmDee, you posted similar note yesterday and our team reached out to you and explained.

  1. Every scrip in watchlist has a charts icon, and it’s easy accessible from that.
  2. You can tap on TradingView icon on every scrip, and open it full screen charting experience.
  3. Option Chain, you can add shortcuts to that from the watchlist itself.
  4. Feedback on option chain set to monthly expiry by default is noted.

We are making Dhan super intuitive based on feedback from our users. Idea of Dhan community is to help make the trading and investing experience better.

Option chain should be set to Nearest Expiry date by default!!! Not monthly as such.

Where do you think most activity happens? !

Hi @EmmDee,

We have your feedback and shared with our team for further review.

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