Moved to the 63 minutes time frame

Guys, I just switched to the 63 minutes time frame. Both TV and Dhan have this custom timeframe selection option.

My rationale: 60mts chart gives 6 candles of 1hr and 1 candle of 15mts - so the 7th candle is of one-fourth size. Since the size is ¼ the weightage also has to be 0.25 - but from a visual perspective, we are unable to make out the real impact.

The 63mts chart on the other hand gives 6 candles per day with the 6th candle having 60mts instead of 63. 375 hours of trading means. 6x60 + 1x15 for the hourly timeframe and 5x63 + 1x60 on the 63mts TF.

Let me know what you think?


Seems like a good idea. Better visual appeal with uniformly timed candles. So may be better perceptions about the market as well.

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Very interesting concept here by @viswaram . Keen to know your views as well

We have many users using 25 / 75 and 125 min timeframes… I tght that was unique. This is new.

Hi @GalaticX We know what time frames are requested for at an aggregate levels. Helps us setup our infrastructure accordingly as datasets for timeframes are saved differently. Smaller the time frames, higher the volumes of data. Recently wrote about usage of seconds timesframes: Adoption of Second Charts on Dhan

@RahulDeshpande @viswaram ,

To me Lower DD and Higher ROI are more important than any visually looking good analysis!

How do you find this simple analysis? :slightly_smiling_face:

what are the blue, red yellow lines?

Well, those are the magic lines! :sweat_smile:

BTW, We can ask Gemini now, what’s next?

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Instead use a 75 min timeframe with 5 candles per day of even time interval.

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