Muhurat Trading 2023: 2 years of Dhan | Enjoy Zero Brokerage on all trades (12 Nov 2023)

Hello Traders and Investors,

This year’s Muhurat Trading session will be conducted on Sunday, 12 November 2023 from 6:15 PM till 7:15 PM.

This day is also special for us - on the auspicious day of Muhurat Trading we will be celebrating 2 years of Dhan.

All of us at Dhan, including many of us with whom you know and interact regularly, and everyone who is part of our team extend our heartfelt gratitude to our valued users and supporters who have joined us on our path to create a technology driven trading and investment platform. Without your valuable suggestions and feedback, we wouldn’t have reached this significant milestone in our journey to make Dhan better.

Just in the last two years, we have launched 6 products which are now used by lacs of Traders and Investors in India. We are still very early in our journey and continue building for India’s Super Traders and Long-term investors.

Zero Brokerage on Muhurat Trading Day

On the auspicious occasion of Muhurat Trading on Diwali 2023 - Sunday 12 November 2023, Dhan users can trade with Rs. 0 brokerage on all the segments.

Please note that once you place a trade, you will see a brokerage debit. Post trade during the settlement process, we will reverse any brokerage that is levied on all trades done across all segments on 12 November, 2023 and it will reflect back on your ledger.

Important Note:

  1. Margin shortfall based square-off: You need to maintain sufficient margins by 6:15 PM to avoid square off.
  2. Intraday Square Off: Intraday position will be squared off 15 mins before market close.
  3. Margin Pledge: Margin Pledge process will be as usual on the Muhurat Trading day. Un-pledge will be permitted on the next trading day. However, MTF pledge window will be available between 19:35 hrs to 21:00 hrs.
  4. Only Daily SIP will be executed at 18:30 hrs.
  5. AMO Orders will be executed at 18:15 hrs when market opens.
  6. BTST will not be allowed for MTF order type.
  7. Funds withdrawal requests placed after 17:00 hrs on Friday till Monday 08:00 hrs will be processed on Monday 13-Nov-23.

All of us wish you a very prosperous Muhurat Trading day and our continued journey with Dhan together!

Thank you
Shraddha Joshi


For 1 hr from 6:15 pm to 7:15 pm on Sunday 12 November. Is it a mock trading or live trading cos on Sunday market is close?.

It is live trading only.

Live for 1hr in just dhan, is it an OTC? can you plz elaborate

Live for one hour at the exchange. So it’s not just with Dhan. Also this is normal trading hour only. Not OTC.

Thanks, just came to know about Mahurat which was introduced by BSE & followed by NSE in 1957 & 1992 respectively. Being a novice will seek blessing on that day.

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congratulations on completing 2 years many more to come. I’m with Dhan from past 1 year my experience with Dhan is excellent and i wish to see Dhan in top 3 brokers. you guys doing great.