Multi straddle chart

I found that dhan has been updating the multi straddle chart with the indicators like 9 sma and vwap. I think in my suggestion we can do the following things.

  1. The option to disable the price line of the underlying price with the response to the strike prices.

I mean it would be so convenient to disable the price of the underlying and see only the open interest. I Mean to have an eye option to see and disabling the eye option. for intraday players it’ll be very easy. Also if we can Get a separate pop up window.

  1. Intraday view :- For an eg the latest update of the multi straddle chart has the option to see the technicals, price and open interest! So If I am using the technicals, there must be an option for intraday view and not just the entire lifespan view of the strike! I know that I can zoom in and check it out but having an option for intraday view would be much better! we would be able to see the entire view in just one click! you get what I mean?
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So far, we could zoom on a particular section using mouse.

But if they give an option to see the current day’s data by default, it would be great.

Hi @amanrakhecha @Mahesh_A

We have recently launched the Multi Strategy Chart. And the functionality you mentioned above is available. You need to click on legend to disable or enable a particular line chart.

Your feedback and suggestion for Intraday view is noted. we will evaluate and see if we can incorporate.

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