Multiple API / TV Bugs

@Divyesh @PravinJ Everyday there is new issue !! .

bid is matching ask price , 88.8

kindly look into this , im unable to buy or sell

Hello @Satyam

In case of Maan Aluminium, the stock can only be traded via Periodic Call Auction due to illiquidity. In such scenario, orders are placed in the first 45 minutes and the orders are matched in the next 8 minutes of the trading hour.

This is the reason why orders are not matched in this case and the depth is reflecting the same.


Incorrect P/L is shown on , refer to attached pic

same error as above ,

@PravinJ I hope your team is fixing the bugs, because nearly every day i encounter new bugs…
and i don’t see any of them being resolve ! ! ,

im getting error on placing sl , i have wrote correct quantity still getting this bug
@Hardik @PravinJ lkindly look into this

Hello @Satyam

Thanks for highlighting this.

This might be happening because of Bar as a candle type. Will ask the team to check and replicate this.

Can you please try placing order today and let me know? Will get the logs checked for this.

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@Hardik hope you are doing well ,
a gift for you , new day new bug error dhan.mp4 - Google Drive

Hello @Satyam

Have asked the team to look into this. Meanwhile, can you also share your Client ID on DM, so that we can check logs here?

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DM you my client I’d