Need Help - DhanHQ Order Placement using Python

Hello @pratik01

Traders use scrips or code based execution when they do not want to manually place orders and want to make their trading systematic. In case you want to manually execute orders, then there is no difference between placing orders via app vs using scrips/API to place your orders.

Hope this answers your question.


You mean Product Type should be β€œMargin” of all kind of positional FnO trades?

One more clarification needed i.e. segment is just FNO or NSE_FNO.

Please reply.


Hey @santoshetti

Yes, product type should be MARGIN for positional trades and INTRADAY for intraday trades.

For segment, NSE_FNO for NSE futures & options and BSE_FNO for BSE futures & options.

Hi Ravi,

Can you share the Python code please.