Need pre-loaded data please

Hi team,

While buying/selling an option contract we need pre-loaded data for number of lots, overnight/intraday, market/limit order.

This will help us quickly buy & sell our positions and avoid doing manual data entry each time.

This will be an excellent feature for scalpers.

I think only this feature is now missing in Dhan app.

Kindly add it soon.

We should be able to add this data in our settings/traders control tab.

We need this following data as preloaded.

Most important data is ‘Number of Lot’. Atleast this should be preloaded.

Hi @pratik01

Thanks for your suggestion. We have noted down this and we will try to incorporate in our roadmap.

Alternatively, we have something similar where you can create an order type with preferred product & quantities and save them as Draft Order. Execute them on single click. More on Draft Order :

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Hi @Naman - Thanks for your reply.

For we scalpers we need to take quick decision as per the candle formation and swap multiple times between CE & PE. Hence creating and executing draft order will be very slow and not feasible in this case. I’m sure normal order placement will be more faster than draft orders for scalpers.

But preloaded data feature that I shared will definitely be faster than normal order placement.

Naman, we atleast need ‘Number of Lot’ data to be preloaded. Requesting you to add this soon.