New account opening ERROR - bank verification - Invalid Penny drop id, please try again

I opened one family account - and it was successful.

Now I am trying to open second family account - but when doing bank verification, it gives error:

Invalid Penny drop id, please try again

(see screenshot below)

I tried with 2 different bank account numbers. Both gave same error.

Please check. Thank you

Hi @amish,

Request if you can share your family member registered details on we will have this checked.

I tried today morning again and it went ahead without error.

Hi amish,

Request you to divert any questions/queries you have to our official customer support channels.

Hi @RahulDeshpande

Ok. But I was just wondering what do you mean by “official” customer support channels?

Isn’t Dhan Community official support channel?

When I go to Reach Out to our Customer Support Team | Dhan

First thing it shows me is to take help from Dhan Community.

That is why I am posting here.

Other options are:

Chat with us - last time I tried, it did not work. Plus requires continuous attention to the screen to check if I got any response from your agent.

Twitter - 160 character limit is too small to explain the issue. Plus not comfortable with twitter.

Phone support - The page clearly says this - “Kind request to use phone support only if you were unable to find assistance via other modes of Customer Service”

Email - it is too slow and many times I dont get response for couple of days. And I am clueless on what is happening.

So please clarify which ones are official?

Thank you

Hi @amish

As per the telephonic conversation, we have shared your concern with our team, we will get back to you shortly with an update.