New Feature Announcement: In-line Margin & Leverage Calculator

One thing that has happened over the recent past is that the margins now have got standardised across all the Stock Broking industry. Gone are the days when some stock brokers provided insane margin or leverage, as much as 50X or even higher.

Even with the standardisation of margins, there are so many scrips to invest or trade, multiple types of orders and yes of course the prices changing dynamically through the day - it means margins are not straight forward for anyone to remember.

People often lose out on good opportunities to trade despite identifying the right scrip due lack of clarity on margins required or lesser cash in their trading accounts. Traders often get confused about how much margin to pay or how much leverage they get while trading since the margin percentage is decided by the exchange and changes daily on the basis of VaR (Value at Risk) & ELM (Extreme Loss Margin) of a scrip.

All that aside, there are margin calculators that are on a website (or mobile web) that one needs to operate (which we know is difficult) or have toggle between the screens - losing precious time. Many of these margin calculators expect you to enter values manually - all this in this time and age of technology is odd.

We simplified this all by introducing Inline Margin & Leverage Calculator for all tradable scrips on Dhan.

We have created this to help you figure out the margins and leverage upfront before you trade or invest in any stock. We want you to focus on identifying and analyzing scrips and not on the computation of margins for the trades. Whatโ€™s more? On Dhan web, you can even directly place orders from the margin tab.

Isnโ€™t this integrated approach much better? Once you use this - you will never feel like using the old margin calculators. This is version one, and as always there is more to come here.

After receiving a great response from our beta users, we are rolling this out for everyone on the Dhan app from today and on the web from tomorrow.

We are working hard to give you an excellent investing & trading experience, and weโ€™ll always do the same as we expand. Keep your feedback coming, we are on it :slight_smile:

Growth team @ Dhan


A handy feature indeed. Thank you, team :tada::tada:

On next phase, please make the quantity field editable.


Amazing!! This is something unique and takes of an extra effort off from trader to go back and calculate margins and accordingly trade :raised_hands:t2: Awaiting to experience this soon :clap:t2:


Thanks for your feedback Balaji. We are working on it and it will be updated shortly :slight_smile:

Glad you liked it, Ronak. Let us know your views after experiencing it! :innocent:

Why no margin benefit provided for the below @PravinJ ?

Hi @nity

You get options margin benefit, only when buy order executes before the sell order. You can drag the sell order and drop it below , you will find the margin required reduced. Attaching the screenshot for reference.

Also link for more detail.

Hey @nity ,

Apologies, just realised that the issue reported by you is different from the explanation provided by us. The final margin issue seems to be specific to you, we are getting it checked.



I am yet to see any revert on this. Its been 9 days since.
I cannot trade calendar spread today as well.

Hey @nity ,

Could you please try creating a fresh basket and let us know if the issue still persists? We are not able to replicate this at our end.


I wrote a message today only after I failed to execute the second leg.
Exited first leg as I do not want to trade high risk position.
Let me see if I can recreate the basket again.

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Dhan is asking full margin for this.

Hey @nity ,

We have found the issue, getting this resolved at the earliest.


Another issue with margin, see below basket order and see the margin. I executed this basket in Dhan and paying 52K margin for same basket trade.

@Pranita Did you check the margin issue that I reported ?

Hey @nity ,

This issue should be resolved now. Could you please check and let us know?


Hi @nity,

Yes, are getting it checked. Please allow us some time to get back.


Hi @Pranita , yesterday during 15th Jun exp , I had similar issue. even if I have sufficient margin, my call leg keep on rejected , had to close put leg as did not want to keep it unhedged. Today when I check in margin calculator with same lots and higher premium , it says both legs can be executed with same margin. I am really confused with DHAN margining.

Hi @jacharjya1978

The margin requirement at dhan is exactly same as shown in the basket (basket screenshot you shared). Not sure your PUT position was standing, because there is no open position marking on the Position Tab on the top bar (screenshot 2).

To get the hedge benefit for selling call, you need to have Put position open.

Hope this helps.

Yes, my put position was open then. Thatโ€™s why I raised this concern. I am forced to close my put position, as it was unhedged when call leg not allowed by dhan. As it was panic situation when your hedge leg not allowed, so missed to take the screen shot. I shared the 2nd screen shot to show I had enough margin to have both call leg and put leg with 7 lots with premium amount less than 50. Infact it was allowed in the morning of exp day