New Feature Announcement: Smart Fund Transfer on Dhan

This will be available on web by tomorrow. :grinning:

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how it work? plz helpโ€ฆ

Hi @mental_manja, we understand your concern. We realize the communication could be better. This should be fixed by tomorrow. :slight_smile:

I still [5th Dec 2021] do not see a smart or NEFT transfer option to add money into my accont. Could you please update on this?

Welcome the Dhan community! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Can you please update the app and check again please ?

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It works now. Thanks for quick response.

Sir, can I do NEFT/RTGS on bank details provided through offline mode i.e. by filling the NEFT/RTGS slip? Will funds be safely transferred to my Dhan account? Please revert ASAP.
Thank You.

Hi @Saurabh7

Welcome to Dhan community.

Yes, that will work as long as you are transferring funds from your verified Bank account on Dhan.

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Hello @PravinJ @Anirudha on each transfer is 18% GST applicable or not?

Also, I have added 2 bank accounts in my Dhan app. I can do IMPS from any of the accounts, correct? (Or do I need to use only primary listed account?)

Hi @pratik01

No charges on transferring money to Dhan by any method - Smart Transfer, Netbanking or UPI. So no taxes applicable.

Yes, you can do IMPS from any of the approved accounts.

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My fund transfer always cancel. After 2-3 times it is accepting the fund and through net banking. UPI payment is failed all the time. Please make it smooth transfer. In market hour if someone try to transfer fund it should be quick and smooth. Please look into this.

I am trying to add the dhan account details in kotak netbanking and its asking the Dhan bank account is Savings or Current account. What should I opt? Savings or Current?

Responded to your query here:

Hi team,

We can transfer funds upto Rs. 99,999,99/- in a single transaction.

Iโ€™m trying to add my virtual bank account assigned by Dhan as a beneficiary to my source Bank (SBI).

The max transfer limit is set to Rs. 10 Lakhs by default in my source Bank.

Kindly help! @PravinJ @Anirudha @RahulDeshpande

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Source bank limit can be set by you or source bank only.

Hi @pratik01 ,

Like our community member @t7support has mentioned, 10L limit is a limitation on SBI.

Some private banks may have a higher limit.

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No idea. Need to visit my bank. Will write them a written concent and application to increase my neft/imps limit. Will also provide them a valid reason (Trading purposes). Will change bank if not approved.

I donโ€™t see this smart transfer option(ie., Individual account number) in the app. Should I have to enable anything?

Hey @P.R.Dinesh ,

Are you on the latest version of the application. Please DM me your details , if yes. Else request you to update your app & check.

Product @ Dhan

I am on the latest version. But smart transfer needs to be enabled from different page. I did that and now itโ€™s visible. Thank you