New Suggestion : Tralling Stop Loss Feature

Hi Team,

Recently i have started using Dhan app.

Few things i have missed in this platform

  • GTT order → I am excepting on July release
  • Trailing Stop loss → Really need this feature

Hi @MaraiRajendiran, Welcome to Dhan community.

We have Forever order on the buy side, it will be available soon on sell side. This is already under development: Upcoming Features on Dhan: June & July 2022

Trailing Stop Loss we will evaluate. Most broking platforms have retracted this.

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Thanks @PravinJ

You guys always super fast on support :ok_hand:

  1. I hope it’s same like GTT order on Zerodha - Don’t shut me to compare other platform but trust me many of my friends addicted on the GTT order with stop loss and target with percentage.

  2. I really want to share this platform to my circle but i don’t have any super unique feature to sell in my circle :pensive:., In case your team implement the trailing stop loss with stocks and options trading then you guys will be the rock star in the brokers market.

Thanks and all the best

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Thanks for your kind words.

We are ensuring to build Dhan to give our users the best possible investment and trading experience in India.

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Hi @MaraiRajendiran ,

Happy to inform you that, we have released Trailing Stop Loss on Dhan app across all the segments.

To know more, read: Introducing Trader’s Best Friend: Trailing Stop Loss on Dhan

P.S.: We will be soon releasing on & Options Trader app.

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