New Updates to A better experience for Trading on TradingView Charts by Dhan

Hello Traders,

We have always ensured best and foremost features on the Dhan’s TradingView console on, and this time we are enhancing order placement through TradingView charts with features that will simplify execution and make trading even better for you.

It has been a year since we launched and we have over a period of time made the experience better for traders - with features like Baskets, Option Chain, Instant Orders for Scalping, Additional Indicators, Indices, and much more. The feedback from our users keeps coming and we get to make this better. Today, all the updates we are announcing were asked by community members, hence continuing our motto of building products & features with the community.

Here is the full list of enhancements:

Margin and Leverage

The community has asked quite a few times to view Margin Required to place and execute an order successfully on There were few tradeoffs to balance for this feature to bring on considering the limitations of the charting library - but here we are with Margin & Leverage view.

To view the margin required for any scrip to trade, right click on the chart you will see a dialog box with an option of “View Margin”. An overlay will appear with details like product type,margin to pay, leverage multiple etc and action to directly Buy or Sell. Also, there is a toggle on the top-right corner to switch between Buy & Sell transaction type.

gif 03

Quick Selections for Orders: Default Product Type & Quantity

Dhan TradingView is optimised for fast order placement. To quickly execute a trade you need a personalised setting which remembers your order preferences. There has been a continuous request to set a default product type for the user. We heard you. Now, along with saving your last traded order quantity for instant order placement, you can also pre-set your default order type - Intraday or Over Night (CNC).

Head over to User settings, and you can set ‘Default Product’, which will be saved as your order preference.

gif 01

MTF (Margin Trading Facility) in Baskets Orders

Margin Trading Facility (MTF) on Dhan is one of a kind experience. It was always requested to extend this product type on other Dhan platforms. We recently made MTF available on APIs and now we are making it live on via Basket Orders.

For Swing Traders who trade on charts, place MTF orders and get 4x leverage on 950+ stocks. Select product type as MTF from the order placement window while adding scrip in your baskets and place MTF basket orders on This is just a start, we are planning to bring more around MTF in the next few updates.

gif 02

Moving Average in OI Indicator

Open Interest Indicator on the Dhan charts is inhouse built indicator. We have deployed it on all our platforms. Improving this indicator we have given the option for Moving Average of OI, both SMA & EMA, you can select the length (period) for calculating MA of OI from the settings of the indicator.

gif 04

New Library Update for TradingView

Not just this, we have optimised our charting performance to make it even better for trading and also a bit faster. And yes, in our endeavour to always have the best experience for our customers, we have upgraded to the latest TradingView Library. This has few UI changes in the top toolbar, list as below:

  • Button padding & separator size have been reduced
  • Compare button has shifted next to Symbol
  • Drawing icon is now more prominent
  • New full screen icon
  • Save button style better highlights when there’s a change
  • Top toolbar now extends to left & right edges for full screen experience
  • UI font changes to a default system one
  • Undo/redo buttons are now relocated next to the save button

There are a few more updates and performance improvements, let us know below in the thread if you find and experience. That is all for now, with more updates see you next time.

Happy Trading
– Hardik


That is nice update :+1:

Hey @PravinJ @Hardik ,

Considering all critical use cases, hoping a quality testing of such feature is done!

Order Type Conversion Intraday to Normal


Very nice updates to the platform and now multi-screen layout has draggable borders also (albeit not fully flexible). And, I believe, it is one of the first, if not the first, in India.

I feel that Dhan is one of the best platforms for charting in India.

But all said and done, all these features are useful if and only if chart data is complete and correct and this is where Dhan is very much behind.

I have provided erroneous chart details of so many scrips (on but most of them are not corrected within the reasonable time (say 21 days).

And I can bet even now, more than 25% of chart data on Dhan’s platform would be wrong.

I still maintain that Dhan is the best charting platform but all this has very limited use if chart data in itself is incorrect or incomplete.

Hope to see this getting resolved soon!!

Hi @Shally

Thanks for your suggestion, be rest assured we are constantly working on improving the trading experience across all the products.

Appreciate your positive feedback. We will be coming up with more incredible features in coming future.

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Hi @RahulDeshpande,

Thanks for the acknowledgement.

Please do something to ensure accuracy and completeness of chart data. This is one of the foremost things Dhan has to focus upon.

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Hi @Hardik @RahulDeshpande ,

Till date DOM was not usable, because every time it was resetting the quality to 1. Since, now DOM is also able to retain the quality set from the chart, can you please also consider retaining the Dynamic Mode settings (lock) in the DOM?

Im unable to find button to change theme ?, kindly guide …

please fix the lag in margin required updating…
margin requirement is not changing with price change.
here is the proof video link…

Thanks for the update, please enable R5/S5 level in camarilla pivot.

Very nice update of Margin and Leverage I Salute to High-end Developer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Very Nice Person . one window for Margin and Leverage one window for Order placement .
I Request add 10 or 20 popup windows Like one for buy one for sell etc.


How to use Moving Average in OI Indicator???i mean how to interpret


Thanks for updates. Dhan following Kaizen (continuous improvements). One request is to implement MTF order placement from “Buy / Sell” buttons, I believe DHan is the first one to do broker integration in Tradingview tradepanel. I request you enable MTF trading from that panel. Thanks

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Yes you are right,i asked how to interpret

I Request trading view update like Fyers.
One of best interface of Trading Fyers Trading view charts.

Here is the updated tutorial for TV Dhan -

Sir I want investment features in dhan not trading features