News related to Commodities

This came to my mind, so penning it down

Especially for commodities , theres some international news which will be released like weekly or monthly something like

  1. Crude oil ( My friend tracks this in Forex Factory i guess) Barell info is being tracked which will be relaesed on a particular day and date.

  2. Same goes with Rate hike decision which affects banks.

Can something be done wherein if i am tracking CRUDEOIL which is in Watchlist , i get to know what are the days i can expect huge volatility related to CRUDE OIL, mainly looking at news based movements .

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That’s quite interesting! Currently, our news notification feature covers all segments of news. I recently received notifications about Saudi Arabia’s crude oil cut and the S&P Global service PMI rate for May.

I’ve also been considering introducing a community post where we can track all the important upcoming dates regarding the markets. This post would include announcements such as PMI scores, crude oil cuts, Fed interest rate hikes, and more. It would serve as a centralized source for everyone to check regularly, and we could make it a collaborative post. Any user who learns about the release date of a particular news event in advance can contribute as well.

What’s your view?

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I am a technical trader. With lot of fundamental moving parts affecting the price, to get all the relevant info on time before big money has it, make sense of it and act upon the market is a near impossible ask. Also I don’t think I can beat the IVY league B School MBAs sitting in financial institutions with the fundamental approach. So I look at the price which technically has all the info and trade. I think there in lies the edge for a retail trader.

However knowledge of events could help with option selling strategies. But even in MCX commodity option liquidity is low. Besides they devolve to futures and increasing margin is charged during the commodity tender period close to expiry or the position is auto squared off. So theta benefit cannot be exploited in full.

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Being aware of Upcoming Economic Events is the right step to handle position size during the volatility related to events with extreme sentiments. Currency, Commodity, Debt or Equity, everything is affected somewhat, based on the type of the event and its correlation with the script.

I use following calendar to plan my positional bets in different segments. It also covers Crude Oil Inventories weekly tracking.

Economic Calendar - India

Hope this helps!

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@RahulDeshpande , That is a fantastic concept, and it will help the @Dhan community to become a wonderful source of knowledge when combined with comments from professionals (traders who are following such news).

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