Ninja Trader & other software market data

Since your API is free and provide market data.
Can you create plugin for ninja trader 8 and amibroker?

Currently i use interactive broker api which is also free and offer market data in application like ninja trader 8 and i can do my analysis there and trade fromthere as well…

Consider creating a plugin for NT8


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@PravinJ kindly try to implement this feature

Hi @Satyam

We have integration with API Bridge ALGOJI. You can use that bridge to connect such applications.
Hope this helps.

Algoji cost approx 1500 per month.
Whereas Algomojo is free solution provided one open an account via them to their patterned broker.

So perhaps you should partner with algomojo …
Or better create your own algo bridge and provide it for free that will be second in industry as well (although interactive broker which i mainly use provide their api & bridge for free as well)

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Currently i use fyers free api and free bridge from algmojo to place algorithm trades in fyers…

I will be happy to shift to dhan provided you make it possible…

Whatever the brokerage im paying to fyers(its approx 5-10k per month) i m happy to pay to dhan since dhan is pratically better than its rivals and i was to bet on best horse

If you go to Algoji platform for the payment option still now DHAN is not listed and as the same time other brokers list is there, Please refer below link for your reference (check Broker list) and take action.

Could you please consider integrating with SierraCharts? Thanks.

Hi @Joyesh

Thanks for your request. We will try to get in touch with them.

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Thank you for considering.