No Alerts and Bar Replay option in and after integrating trading view account from Dhan

I have tried to use alerts in but Iโ€™m not be able to find any option to set alert in trading view charts.
I have even tried to set alert after connecting Dhan from Trading Panel in Trading View but it does not allow me to set more than one alert as the Basic Plan is still active with Trading View.
I canโ€™t even use Bar Replay after connecting Dhan in Trading View.
Please have a look at this.
Thank You.

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Hi @chandra_8871

TradingView keeps few of its features exclusive only for its product and does not extend it to its partners. As you may know, is a hosted version of

As an alternative you may use our Webhook Alerts for TradingView. You may refer the link here.

Furthermore, is a standalone product. With Dhan integration, you get lightning fast order execution directly from TradingView, making us the only Indian broker to offer this. Specific TradingView features are per your plan, as mentioned in terms & conditions.

to use webhook on tradingview, one needs to have pro subscription. so if one wants to use webhook way it has to go for pro paid version, whereas in account opening page there is advertising of using community indicators, webhook etc for free

Hello @rkhushalani

Welcome to Dhan Community!
As you know, TradingView is a standalone product and Dhan has built/integrated with them to allow direct execution through their platform on Dhan. The features that you can access on TradingView completely depends on the plan that you are subscribed to and we do not have any control on that.

However, all products extended by Dhan for TradingView users like Connect with Broker, Webhooks, etc. are completely free from our end.