No sequence in fund ledger

As you can see the screenshot the entries are not in sequencial manner

  1. I deposited 10000 in the morning
  2. At 3.30 pm i create a withdrawal request of 10000
    3.Then i traded and earned 19156

But the ledger entries are not in sequence please look into the matter and give a solution

Yours faithfully
Tanay Nag

Hi @Tanay_Nag ,

Ledger entries are not arranged by time stamp. We have noted your concern and will evaluate its implementation.

Product @ Dhan

Hii dhan team, @Pranita @Anirudha @PravinJ
Can you post the ledger entries with time stamp in dhan? It will be very helpful for us

Hi @Tanay_Nag, noted by @Pranita. Also funds added / withdrawn does have time stamp when you view the same under Manager Funds on app and web.