Nomination Mandatory addition SEBI requirement 31Mar23

Receiving Mail from another broker that account will be frozen if nominee not added by 31Mar23. Will Dhan account be frozen if nominee not added?

Hi @logi, Welcome to Dhan community.

We have posted in detail on this here: Important Deadline: 31st March 2023, if you are a Stock Market Investor / Trader or Participant, ensure you have done this!

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This means if i dont have nominee added with Dhan now, I have opted Out of Nominee addition during account opening. Was that mandatory in Dhan account opening process, that I either add nominee or opt out of Nominee option.
Just want to be sure about this.

Yes, if users who have not signed up for opting-out, they would have received communication from us. If you didn’t - then don’t worry about this. That said, always better to have nominations.

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