Non user friendly Reports

It really surprises me why none of the new age trading apps able provide the kind of reporting provided by Kite!!, including super traders app Dhan. I am not sure if it’s a rocket science to provide Zerodhan kind of Reporting. Dhan provides similar calendar report but it won’t show how much gained or lost in a given stock on a given day, it only shows summary of a day, it would a great help for users, if they can see P&L at stock level in calendar report. I know many Kite users sticking to that platform just because of reporting

P&L Report

  1. Why only on mail, why not on screen? hard to believe, Dhan which invested heftly on infra, restricts it’s users
  2. Assume it’s because of Infra limitations, even that can be addressed by restricting reports access only to non-peak hours (e.g. 8PM-7AM), or even to add further control, restrict reports access only to 3 times or 5 times a day. more than that email reporting is only option, but provide P&L report on screen itself (web)
  3. Handling excel report is such hassel, download, remove headers, remove format, then sort!! not a nice user experience, provide raw excel link (this execel should contain only data, new formatting, no page level hearders, such things you can keep it in separate tab like header tab, in data tab provide pure data, one value per cell, tech savvy people love that, they know how to slice and dice data with pivots

Hope to you implement feedback



Hi @ramb we are in the process of revamping our reports. PNL report for now is revamped and will be live in the next built.

  1. It was a call taken due to infra limitations. However as per your feedback, we will try to evaluate if that is doable.
  2. The current one which would be live will have headers (it makes the report look neat and clean). However, you can use filters easily to fine tune your analysis. Having said that, we have kept minimal other elements.
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