Not able close position from Dhan TV

From last few days I have seen that I am not able to close position by tapping close button of Dhan TV chart. It says rejected as it tries to sell the CE instead of closing the CE bought @ market price.

Hi @rohithjnayak,

Request you to please drop an email at with more details.

This might happen in case you have a pending order and then try to close it from charts, making a double order and hence the insufficient margin error.

I had SL below buy price, price reached my target but couldn’t close position. Later updated SL to close position. I have emailed the same. Thanks.

Hi @rohithjnayak

We have already sent a response to your registered email ID. If you face a similar issue again, please connect with us in real-time through our chat support/call us at 022-48906273, or (DM).