Not able to place BUY order for SGIL

21 November,2023 I sold 50 shares of SGIL(SYNERGY GREEN INDUSTRIES LIMITED) under INVESTING
Then I tried to buy it again, But the order got rejected. I thought May be I cant do delivery Buying with 80% margin I got.
Then I tried buying in TRADING, again rejected.

Then I added new funds into account, to take an entirely fresh position in SGIL.
I tried buying shares of SGIL under TRADING as well as INVESTING, again it was getting rejecting.

Is it a crime on DHAN, if someone sells his delivery shares, and tries to Buy the same script again on the same day. If not, How can I do so?

Hi @LovishGupta

If you wish to buy it again, you can convert your sell order into Intraday from the position tab, and then square off it.

We used to allow this earlier, however, this has changed post-regulatory changes from 8 May 2023. We have explained this in detail below:

In this case, Let me give you another scenario,
I have 50 shares of SGIL in my portfolio. I sold them all 50.
Then as per you, If I want to buy it again, I have to convert my position to TRADING.

Fine till now, But What if @Divyesh

I want to purchase 100 shares? (I had only 50shares in my portfolio, which I sold)??


Once you convert your position, you can buy more in stock by selecting the investing tab.

It means, in my case, If I sold 50shares from my Holdings, if I want to convert that sell order to TRADING. Then, I need to buy 50shares in TRADING first, then the remaining shares I have to purchase in INVESTING.

Please confirm on this @Divyesh

And one more thing, Whatever I have asked you here in this Forum, Please ask these same questions to your CUSTMER CARE REPS, to check the skill level of your CHAT SUPPORT reps.


Yes, your understanding of the buyback process is correct.