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Dear Dhan Community Members,

We at 21G Investment Advisers Pvt Ltd are delighted to share our diversified and time-tested outperforming investment portfolios with all of you here. We have carefully curated our portfolios to match your risk profiles, minimum investment ticket size needs and investment goals so that you make the best investment decisions.

Who are we?

21G Investment Advisers Pvt Ltd is a corporate SEBI-registered investment advisory firm that deploys its time-tested quantitative investment strategies and offers innovative investment solutions to its investors. We are a team of professionally qualified CA/MBA/MSs (USA), with years of expertise in identifying and handling market maneuvers to provide the best investment opportunities for our clients.

Our credibility lies in the fact that we ourselves are invested with our investors at all times. This makes us ‘part of the pack’ at all times. Backed by Alisha who is the founder/director and Principal Officer at 21G Investments, the team is led by our co-founder & second director Gaurav Verma who is a popular name in the world of the stock market and has over +15 years of core expertise in trading derivatives and long-term investments.

Why invest with 21G Investments Company?

1. Outperforming Portfolios

We have been able to outclass benchmark indexes in all major time frames consistently while riding both the bull and the bear markets.

2. Faster signup & quicker setup

Having technology do everything, a client is able to sign up quickly and make his investments within no time.

3. Pricing Power

We have designed pocket-friendly pricing for 3 months and 6 months duration to suit everyone. We believe in making our investment solutions affordable, transparent, and accessible to all investors.

4. Ticket size

We have curated our portfolios diligently so that the ticket size remains within the reach of anyone who wants to start investing and not think twice.

Our Portfolios:

  1. 21G Balanced Fund (Low Risk): Invest it Right - Low-risk portfolio with equity, gold, and silver ETFs. This portfolio is a composition of Silver, Gold & Nifty ETFs and offers the investor a pooled investment experience across the three Investment avenues making it a perfect diversified asset allocation for low-risk takers.

  2. 21G Long-Term Wealth Creation (Moderate Risk): "Stocks that live to tell their story” In the long-term period are strategically picked! A large-cap-driven diversified portfolio with quality leader stocks.

  3. 21G Dark Horse (Moderate Risk): “Stocks we stalk that take the weather” and generate appreciable returns are listed here. A multi-cap portfolio mix of large, mid & small cap stocks with a focus on themes/sectors which are likely to start an uptrend as per the current market’s fabric.

  4. 21G Trend Rider (High Risk): Ride the small-caps here! A power-packed high-risk high-reward diversified portfolio that has the capability of driving appreciable returns.

We are overwhelmed and look forward to having some amazing engagements with lovely Dhan community members here.

Best Regards,


Founder & Principal Officer

21G Investment Advisers Pvt Ltd

SEBI RIA LIC# INA000017231