Now Live: BSE F&O with all your Favorite Features!

Hello Traders,

The FnO segment is now even wider! Now you can trade BSE Sensex & Bankex across all Dhan platforms - Dhan App & Web, Options Trader App & Web and also Dhan TradingView console (

Trade BSE FnO with the Powerful Tools and Features which are #MadeForTrade:

1. Trade on TradingView Charts: Visualize trends and execute trades directly on interactive charts.

2. Advanced Option Chain with insights: Gain insights into market sentiment and view option data in a comprehensible format. View Greeks, IV, and more

3. Strategy Builder: Build your custom trading strategies for FREE.

4. Flash Trade for Options Buying:With Flash trade, you can quickly select your bullish or bearish views on expiry. You have the option to trade with AMT, Top Trades, and High OI contracts, and execute trades with a click.

5. Discover Tradable Opportunities: With this exciting addition, you can now engage in trading both Futures and Options for SENSEX and BANKEX indices. For Futures, enjoy the flexibility of both Intraday and Carry Forward trading.

Contracts Available:

You can trade contracts for the Current Month and Near Month. Below are contract details for SENSEX & BANKEX for lot sizes, expiry days, and settlement specifics.

  • The lot size of Sensex is 10 & Bankex is 15.
  • The expiry day for weekly contracts is Friday.
  • For monthly contracts, the expiry will happen on the last Friday of each month.
  • The Options are European style.
  • The final settlement will be cash settled based on the closing price of the underlying index on the day of expiry.


Exchange transaction cost for Futures is 0; Options cost is 0.005% of the premium value. Other charges remain unchanged.

Risks & Advice:

Derivative trading in BSE Sensex & Bankex is relatively new with lower volumes, so exercise caution. Experienced traders are advised to start with smaller capital to familiarise themselves.



Great. Experience is good. Please just fix the pnl statement issue with Sensex FnO as reported here - BSE / SENSEX OPTIONS trades not reflecting correctly in pnl reports

My order is not going through in sensex , error coming that the strike is blocked at a global level

Hi @Eaknath,

The Futures are allowed for both Intraday & Carry Forward (Normal) positions & Options are allowed only for Carry Forward positions i.e. Normal or Margin product types. The Open Interest (OI) in the contracts should be atleast 10. This is done keeping the low liquidity and other risk factors in consideration.

The same is summarised in the below table.


Now sensex trade only allow for please allow for API trading in sensex

Why the @Dhan team & @iamshrimohan are not helping in resolving this pnl reports issue with respect to Sensex options .

@Hiya we are fixing this and would be resolved shortly.


Thank you :blush:.
Hv shared the same to customer care through mail also.
Kindly do the needful

Not sure why u want a desktop app in this age of mobile and browser based apps ? Anyway modern day browsers allow to turn any website into a desktop app.

Hi moving this conversation in a separate post as the current postโ€™s intention is different, and it might hinder the experience.

Share your opinions here please. It will invite more people to join the conversations as well.

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Hiโ€ฆIt is good that we have SENSEX F&O but still your Tradingview chart loads very slow in live market. Plus your web-based option trading platform has glitches and links doesnโ€™t work as expected. I have already explained this to your support team but as such no response and fix for those bugs.

Hi @Suvankar_s Specific feedback will help us understand. We have over 100,000+ users on our charts everyday and they work absolutely well. Same for web.

Kindly look into the pnl reports with respect to Sensex options.
Hv highlighted the same thru community, twitter DM , email etc.
Despite accepting that its incorrect for Sensex options, the team is not taking any actions to correct the same.
@t7support also faced similar issues with respect to expired Sensex options