Now Live: Cover Order for Currency Futures & Index Options

Hello everyone!

At Dhan, we are building to make trading easier for traders, with all our incredible features across our products and platforms.

One of the most requested features by traders have always been special order types, which can help them place orders with calculated risk and trade better. After we released Bracket Orders for Option Trading last September, it is being used regularly by many traders on Dhan to trade efficiently in Options.

Happy to extend and introduce Cover Orders for Currency Futures & Index Options Trading on Dhan :slight_smile:

Here’s a quick walkthrough:

Cover Order comes with two legs:

  • Entry Leg - your main order entry
  • Stop Loss Leg - stop loss order with defined trigger

Simply, cover order helps you manage your risk by covering downside with a SL order in place. For users who just want their downside protection, this is the best option to add an SL order, while placing the main order itself, saving trader’s time.

Not just this, now Bracket Order and Cover Order, both will be available for Currency Futures as well. We continue to put our efforts to improve experience for Currency users, we recently also introduced Custom Strategy Builder for Currency and Commodity traders on Options Trader on Web.

We want to extend all our features across segments, so that the trader gets the best experience. Meanwhile, our team is working to extend this soon for the Commodity segment as well.

– Hardik


A Warm & Whole Hearted Congratulations to @Dhan , @Hardik & @PravinJ for introducing CO for Currency Futures and Options. I hope that the team will introduce BO for the same segments & will introduce both CO & BO for Commodity segment too at the earliest. All the best for all the efforts to be made.

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good initiation Dhan… very much helpful for dhan web , app & option traders app users…

i request plz fix the tv.dhan’s (plus icon stoploss order) “+ stoploss trigger order” while we are using instant orders , we can’t place stoploss orders through + icon through charts… it gives error… plz look into this pending problem & request to fix it as soon as possible.

Hi @Varsha777,

We have this feedback and will surely evaluate on the possibilities to keep difference in stoploss & limit price to enhance your product experience.

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@Hardik , @Poornima, @PravinJ & @Dhan,

Please tell me how to have cover order for currency option trading. At the same time, it has been observed that incase of currency futures trading, both the cover & bracket order options are appearing till now.