Now Live: Dark Blue Mode on Dhan Web

We strive to consistently improve the user interface of our platforms, whether it’s on our app or website, to provide the best possible experience for our users. We understand that many traders prefer to trade on a larger screen, which is why we prioritize enhancing our web platform.

Now Live on Dark Blue Mode

How to enable this?

  1. Click on your display and select My Profile on Dhan
  2. Go to Manage Account and select the mode as “Royal Blue”



I am facing a small issue with the Dark mode on When I open & then re-open the Dark mode on reverts automatically to Light Mode. @shraddha can you please look into it?

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Just tried “Royal Blue”…awesome…it gave premium look and feel. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi @Market_Wizard

Thanks for highlighting . We are getting checked.

Glad you are liking it! :grinning:

Hi @Market_Wizard

Thanks for highlighting. We have identified this and it should get updated in our next delivery.

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