Now Live: Forever Orders with OCO (for MTF & Equity)

Hey @MAANVI , web will be live soon as well. We are working on it.

By any chance, is this something that you are considering to change in the NEAR future or your product design doesn’t allow you to make this change? This is very inconvenient from the user standpoint. Please advise. Thanks.

Zerodha allows GTT sell orders even for stocks NOT in the demat. So your argument doesn’t hold.


i am pretty sure DHAN is the outperform in all areas hope we have to stand on the facts and figures with how the platform is AI prism it’s analysis well only thing we have to understand the mind and dream of DHAN it is amazing try to safe the traders and investors that will be much appreciated

Sir Please read above comments or topic you will get an idea. I guess you are not aware of it.

Topic :- Bring update on gtt order system/function

SO WHAT ? :grin:
As dhan said

This is the reply

Does it make sense to you @encore :slightly_smiling_face: ?

Forever Sell order se multiple legs kaise?

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@Dhan @Pranita make this simpler, users should be able Entry, SL and Target price in one order, that will be enough for all users, users will be happy to do all in one order


I agree on this, one gtt order where the entry stoploss and target can be mentioned

I strongly agree to the point, make the gtt order simpler, entry stoploss and target in one order itself instead of creating multiple order for buying and selling.
@PravinJ If you are bringing a feature it should be simple and if other platform provides the same feature then you should try to implement the same or better than that.

Ab yeh toh wahi log jane…

@AKM Sir ji i think you still didn’t got what dhan said…
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This is the answer

Bhai 1 saal se OCO on forever order ki wait kar rha tha
Usi me hi khush ho lete hain :smiley:
Inke devs pe itna pressure hoga already. Feel for them!

@PravinJ we are not able to place forever sell orders on the same day of buying stocks. please enable sell side orders on the same day for CNC, MTF


Please read this your query will be resolved. :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope your doubts are cleared now !! :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Han bhai …dhan bohot hardworking hai baki brokers ke muqbale sabhi chize dhan ki mujhe bohot achi lagtii hai…

@PravinJ @Pranita almost all brokers providing same day sell side orders in gtt except dhan. it is very good feature, I don’t know why dhan not implement this.


may be they were busy on other products. If it is necessary to do they will make changes. Till then enjoy dhan

Is this now available for equity on the web version. I don’t see till now. Also can we place buy and GTT OCO order simultaneously like in some other platforms or we have to wait for next day for placing the OCO sell order

Hi @Tridib

At this moment, this feature is available in-app only, but soon it will be available on the web as well. You can place the forever order on the next day only. Once the stock settles into your Demat.

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Allow placement of sell side GTT in positions

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