Now Live: Key Insights on Options Chain with Dhan

Hello Traders,

You may already know this, Option Chain on Dhan is one of the most accessed features by Option Traders across all platforms. Over a period of time, we have made it faster, real-time changes, introduced greeks, capability to add to baskets or watchlist and also execute directly from the Option Chain.

Today, we are excited to unveil yet another remarkable update to the Options Chain, starting with our Mobile App, as part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing the user experience. This is our sixth major revamp of the Options Chain since the inception of Dhan, demonstrating our commitment to continuously improving the crucial features.

Our team takes immense pride in being the pioneering stock trading platform to deliver an Options Chain experience that encompasses nearly all the essential data points an Options Trader needs for successful trading.

Now Introducing: Key Insights on Options Chain

With this update, now you will be able to see a range of important data points on Options Chain which highlights the particular contract.

The list of data points are as below:

Top 5 Open Interest (OI):

Easily identify the options contracts with the highest open interest, giving you insights into the most actively traded options in the market. Already there are horizontal bar lines with each strike to show relative strength of OI with each contract.

Top 5 Volume:

Stay up-to-date with the options contracts that have the highest trading volumes. This information will help you gauge the liquidity and popularity of different options.

Top 5 Implied Volatility (IV):

Implied volatility plays a crucial role in option pricing. By seeing the top 5 IV values, you can quickly spot the contracts with significant implied volatility changes, helping you identify potential opportunities.

Open = High/Low :

Discover contracts where the opening price equals the daily high or low. This data point allows you to identify contracts that experienced an immediate price impact upon market open.

Now we understand, trading is a subjective job and each trader has their own unique preferences. Hence we have made it customisable to suit your individual needs. You can now enable or disable specific data sets from the bottom menu on Options Chain, according to your preferences. Tailor the Options Chain display to align with your trading style & strategy, only on Dhan.

At Dhan, we are committed to continuously improving your trading experience, and we hope that these enhancements to the Options Chain will help you make more informed trading decisions.

As always, we value your feedback, please feel free to share it below in the thread.

Happy Trading!


hello dear dhan
this new feature not showing in my app on phone. What to do? I have updated dhan app but still no showing

Hi @jaswantTrader This is on the latest app version, which is now available for all users.

Dear @PravinJ sir ji, I have upated the dhan option trader app many times but still not showing nor as well as in web portal

Hi @jaswantTrader

Currently, we have made this feature available only for the Dhan app. If we introduce this on the options trading app, we will surely update you.

Hi @jaswantTrader Option Chain Insights are now available on the Option Trader app as well.

Hi Sir,

Can you please Add options chain Shortcut on on watchlist under Added stocks/indices/Commodities three dot menu?
Will be really helpful.

Stop opening option chain on new tab instead open either on pop-up view on same page or next to watchlist just the way charts or other this open, In between trading i really don’t want to leave the main page.

Hi @iajay You can add any Option Chain to watchlist directly on Dhan as a shortcut. You can add same to any watchlist also.

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