Now Live: Latest update with TradingView Charting Library on Dhan

Hello Everyone,

At Dhan, we understand that charts are important for Traders. We have shipped over 80+ updates to our charting libraries till date, specially for TradingView charts that we have made available on and also deeply integrated with all Dhan platforms, including apps and web platforms.

We continue to work closely with TradingView to ensure our users get access to the latest features, updates and build a trading edge for themselves. In this endeavour, we have always ensured that all our charting products work on the latest library of TradingView and we keep on adding more features from our end as well.

Over the time we have added numerous features to make Trade on Charts seamless (you can read the detailed post here). We are updating TradingView Charts by Dhan again, with added features and stability.

Here is the list of features that we are adding on and across all charting integrations of TradingView on Dhan:

  1. Get 4 New Chart Types:
    For a trader, candlestick might not always work. With this update, we are adding four new and different chart types:

    a. HLC area:
    This is a chart type in which three lines of high, low and close values are drawn, with area highlighted between each.

    b. High Low:
    In high-low charts, High and Low value blocks are shown to assess market movement in various time periods.

    c. Step Line Chart:
    This is a line type chart which shows price movement in the form of steps. By default, it shows steps as closing price, but the same can be changed from settings.

    d. Line with Markers:
    This is also a line type chart which marks the interval with a node which is called a marker for clear visibility then line charts.

Chart types

  1. Now add Favourites in indicators:
    Just like you mark your favourite drawing tools on charts, you can now do this with your favourite indicators too. Mark your favourites in the indicators list and find them at the top of the list, always.

Mark Indicators as Favourites

  1. Anchored VWAP as Drawing Tool:
    One of the most requested drawing tools is now on Now, you can add Anchored VWAP to charts, from your choice of candle.

    Since this was a highly requested feature, we had to make a few changes in the existing Anchored VWAP indicator to incorporate this, which we have explained below.

Anchored VWAP Drawing

  1. More Layout Options for your screen:
    We have added vertical layout options for your charting, for you to use the best of your screen space with 5, 6, 7 and 8 multi-chart layouts.


  1. Add Emojis and stickers:
    Now add your favourite emojis and stickers to TradingView charts - visualise your charts like


  1. Export your Account Manager details to CSV:
    You can now export your positions, orders, portfolio and any other tabs from your Account Manager as CSV, to analyse your trading data better.

Export Account Manager

This was just the tip of the iceberg, the most highlighted features from this update. We have actually added more than 20+ features on charts for you to explore, with improved stability and design changes.

With this update, we also had to make couple of changes which might affect your already saved chart layouts:

  1. “Open Interest” indicator is renamed to “Dhan Open Interest” indicator
  2. “Anchored VWAP” indicator is now “Anchored VWAP with Bands”

We had to make these changes due to library limitations of TradingView where we cannot have two tools with the same name.

As you know, all your layouts on Dhan TradingView are stored on server side, so that you do not lose out on your saved charts and they remain in sync across all your devices and platforms. As a result of this, you will have to take the following steps in case you have the above two indicators added in your charts:

Step 1:
Add new replacement indicators on chart - “Dhan Open Interest” and/or “Anchored VWAP with Bands”

Step 2:
Remove above existing indicators - “Open Interest” and/or “Anchored VWAP”

Step 3:
Save chart layout

Explore the latest version of TradingView charts by Dhan now and let us know which ones are your favourite, that we missed listing here.

Happy Trading, on Charts!

– Hardik


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Great to see that, you guys keep TV lib updated.


Good work team! Kudos!


Thank you so much. The features were much needed especially AVWAP as a drawing tool. I actually requested for AVWAP tool & you made it possible ! Thanks once again !!


Please add pine editor for same

Hardik please add :

Monthly and Tomorrow CPR indicator ALSO PLEASE


@Hardik - Great addition. We would like to see multi-chart settings in ChartIQ. 2 & 4 charts in a single view will be a great feature.

Tradingview doesn’t give pine coding feature to third parties. It is not part of the charting library given to the brokers.

Also add CPR indicator with tomorrow CPR and weekly, monthly CPR 's

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Hi @Shivasekaran

Thank you for your feedback. We will definitely explore the possibility of introducing tomorrow’s CPR (Central Pivot Range) and see if we can implement it.

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WEEKLY CPR is already available bhaisahab…MONTHLY and TOMORROW CPR are needed…

ALSO if possible @Divyesh please make a note of adding CAMARILLA pivots points too with cutomizable colours etc please

Please add these within this weekend please

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Any update on chartiq chart

Multiple chart??

Upgrading to the latest is the only way to stay on the edge. Providing a platform which supports the latest features and technologies will only help the traders of all kind to make the optimum utilization of the platform. :smiley:

Thanks Dhan for thinking from the Traders perspective all the time. :pray:

One request though, please please speed up your systems. During peak hours it takes long to place or exit trades losing the opportunity sometimes. :thinking:

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Hello @pratik01 @Pawarpankaj07

Yes, we will look into ChartIQ library update as well soon.

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Hello @inspectorKAALE

There are some limitations on the library front as well, Camarilla pivot points being one of them. We have noted this and we will definitely try to incorporate this soon. However, no timeline commitments here, as we will have to see whether library allows us for this or not.

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@Hardik If DHAN is SOOOO eager to BRING the best for its clients…then why don’t you SPEND 40-50 CRORES (whatver it costs) on DEVELOPING MADE IN INDIA WEB charting platform like TV ?

This continous requesting and negotiations with TV for fulfulling clients request DOESN’T looks good. Still there are plenty of indicators which we require BUT ARE NOT AVAILABLE in DHAN. For it we have use TV DELAYED CHARTS because not everyone can afford paid TV charts.

Better to DEVELOP INDIGENOUS WEB CHARTING platform and fulfilling clients requests there. Why beg a foreign charting platform ??

Plese communicate this with the higher management.

Hi @inspectorKAALE

TradingView charts are simply the best in industry, we work very closely with their teams to enable things for our users. Prior to us, some of the largest platforms relied on ChartIQ, but we choose to be on other side, work with TradingView and bring the best to our users. I am guessing, everyother broker in industry is now following Dhan’s footsteps and implementing our integrations and offerings.

We would recommend users to buy premium subscription for TV and explore all the capabilities. Building products and systems doesn’t work like that. We do what we are good at, and are building trading products. Charting solutions is different domain altogether, not our expertise or our in our plans.

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Why new library is not in use on mobile app since afternoon?

Hi @Hardik @PravinJ , Feature request: when will you integrate arithmetic operations of Trading view…E.g. I would want to sum up Reliance and ITC to show as a custom ticker.

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