Now Live: New Indicators (Requested) on TradingView Charts for Dhan

Hello Traders,

Dhan gets better with your feedback and suggestions. We have consistently upheld this core value: building our products & features that users ask for.

Just a couple of weeks ago, we reached out to our community members and asked for their inputs on which indicators to prioritise for development on TradingView charts across all Dhan (here) platforms. To add to this, we already have 120+ indicators which includes a lot of advanced indicators and also the most popular ones.

Now we are close to 100+ product updates / builds for our Charting products in the last 24 months, practically shipping 3-4 updates every week to build and bring an incredible charting experience for traders who love to trade on charts. We have also ensured that you always have the most advanced charting tools available on Dhan. And today, we are expanding our Indicators to include 7 more - as requested by you, on TradingView Charts.

  1. AutoFib Indicator

Automatically plot Fibonacci retracement levels on a price chart, aiding traders in identifying potential support and resistance zones.

  1. RSI Divergence Indicator

Helps detecting divergences between RSI and price movement, helping identify potential trend reversals and market shifts.

  1. Jurik Moving Average Indicator

The Jurik Moving Average Indicator is a powerful tool on charts, designed to smooth price data efficiently, making trend identification more precise and responsive for traders.

  1. Humble LinReg Candles Indicator

This indicator combines linear regression candles with a built-in SMA indicator, to show price movements.

  1. Simple Range Indicator

This indicator simply shows range value in any time frame. It measures the difference between the high and low prices and plots as an indicator.

  1. High Low in CPR Weekly & Monthly - (update)

This is an enhancement to CPR with Weekly Pivot and CPR with Monthly Pivot indicator, where you can now also see Pivot High & Pivot Low values.

  1. Anchored VWAP Bands - (update)

Enhancing Anchored Volume Weighted Average Price Band Indicator, with two new band ranges, making it more comprehensive to get VWAP ranges.

Our commitment to providing the best possible trading experience remains unwavering. We are happy to have introduced these indicators, thanks to your invaluable feedback. We are already on our toes at work on the next set of enhancements and features for Dhan Charts.

Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for being part of the Dhan community.

– Hardik


Pivot point indicator jab laga denge to aur bhi aasan ho jayega trade karne me…

Please Add anchored volume profile indicator. @Hardik

please add halftrend indicator and also multi timeframe indicators in rsi ,ichimoku,moving averages

Hi, Dhan is doing a great job by providing advanced indicators and well ahead of so called tech brokers in India , pls consider my request to update MACD with simple moving averages as it is already there on the original Trading view charts, it is really helpful to the traders who modifies the macd and take better trading decisions , Thank you

Kindly provide EMA with time frame option. This is screenshot of Trading view

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