Now Live on Dhan: Expert Portfolios from smallcase!

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We launched smallcase on the Dhan in June 2022, enabling Dhan investors to build long term wealth in the right manner. smallcases are baskets of stocks, ETFs or REITs, weighted to track a theme, strategy or objective. You can learn more about them here.

Dhan and smallcase’s integration was the first of its kind integration enabling investors to directly invest in smallcases from the Dhan app and web. While most brokering platforms charge a fee of Rs.100 or more for buying smallcases, going by our motto of providing a seamless investing experience, we allow our investors to invest in smallcases on Dhan FREE of any additional charge and are one of the only few brokers to do so.

Since our launch, we have had many investors build & invest in baskets focusing on their long term wealth creation or portfolio building with smallcase. Based on insights from these users, we decided to enhance the offering provided to our users.

We are now excited to bring the second phase of the smallcase investing experience: Expert Portfolios by smallcase

​Expert Portfolios by smallcases are a premium version of smallcases created by SEBI-registered professionals who have established themselves in the industry over the years. We have on boarded more than 11 smallcase managers who have individual smallcase baskets that will be available for you to invest in from the Dhan app. Considering the expertise and research gone in creating these baskets, a nominal subscription fee is charged to invest in these smallcases.

Here’s the list of smallcase managers available for you to invest and subscribe:

  • Niveshaay
  • Wright Research
  • Green Portfolio
  • Weekend Investing
  • Capital Mind
  • Prime Investor
  • Lotus Dew
  • Omniscience
  • Fintrekk Capital
  • Modern Algos
  • Nooresh Merani Tech

How will the investing experience differ now?

Your investing journey won’t change in any way except that you will now have MORE options to choose from. In addition to the list of baskets that you already see in the smallcase section of your Dhan application, you will now also see these premium baskets tagged separately in a section known as “Expert Portfolio”. Additionally, you will also see a “By Experts” tag against the names of the baskets created by these managers in the “All” list. You can opt for their individual subscriptions & build long term wealth.

Subscribed users will receive periodic rebalance updates based on the creator’s research and all other benefits of smallcase such as portfolio tracking, SIP, and the ability to apply rebalance updates in a tap, etc.

Bonus: You will have access to all the above managers that we are going to live with through our Dhan community for interaction! Not just that, you will also be seeing posts from them on market analysis.

Get ready for an awesome investing experience only on Dhan!

Please note that you will be able to opt for the expert portfolios directly from the too.

Product @ Dhan


This feature is going to bring immense value to the investors on the Dhan platform. For community members, we are bringing in the access to India’s top investment experts to have conversations, banters, inputs & their market analysis.

Get ready to build a long term wealth and have an awesome investing experience :rocket:


Congratulations to Dhan for enabling this feature!

We are excited to partner with Dhan to offer our unique smallcase portfolios to the Dhan Community.

Hope to see you all in the live session! :slight_smile:

You can view our smallcase portfolios here :


Great effort from Dhan team to bring Expert portfolios by smallcase.

We are excited to offer our smallcase to Dhan community and be part of their wealth-creation journey.

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