Now Live : Options Trader on web with Custom Strategy Builder For All

Hi @Varsha777,

At this moment, we have build a snap to save different strategies of same scrip. We will undoubtedly explore your suggestion to add various strategies simultaneously.

Awesome, thanks for notifying

Have a doubt here.

What does Potential UP mean ? [ Was confused here since MAX profit is less than half of it]

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Hi @pavz

Potential Up/Potential Down (or Potential Upside/Downside) means how much more your P&L can move in a direction. The maths is simple here, it is difference of current P&L with max profit or max loss. It is the amount that can be added/subtratcted in your P&L if the strategy reaches its Max Profit or Max Loss

Example : The Max Profit of your strategy is 1000 & Max Loss is -1500. The current P&L is -200. So
Potential Up : +1200
Potential Down : -1300

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