Now Live: Sell-Side Forever Order for Equity on Dhan

Hello all,

At Dhan, we love to innovate and build incredible investing & trading experiences for you.

Dhan was possibly the first stock broker in India to introduce DDPI to enable the seamless selling of Stocks in your portfolio holdings. We announced this a few weeks back, and since then hundreds of investors on Dhan have completed the DDPI process (fully online, it takes just a few minutes) and experience the benefits of Fast Sell.

Now, we are going ahead and adding one of the most requested features on Dhan - Forever Orders on the Sell-Side of Equity, for all users who have activated DDPI on Dhan.

We are aware that this has been a long pending request from our users has been Forever Sell for Equity, especially by swing traders. However, we decided not to ship a half-baked product (basically alerting system + do EDIS approval every day and trigger orders) and waited first for DDPI to go live - just to ensure the most seamless experience is available on Forever Orders for selling from portfolio holdings.

Now, you can add Forever Sell orders for Equity on Dhan! For DDPI users, Forever Sell on Equity now means there is no more requirement of eDIS authorization every time to ensure their orders are placed.

Haven’t completed DDPI yet? Go to ‘Portfolio settings’ on Dhan and activate your DDPI now and join hundreds of users who have.

Currently, Forever Sell Equity is only available on your Dhan Mobile App. This will soon be available on the web as well. Also, do keep an eye out for Forever orders in OCO and MTF.

Happy Investing & Trading!


Thanks Naman. Yes it’s live. But we have noticed in certain cases the price gets moved and GTT order not get triggered. It’s not with me what other has reported the same. May we it’s new and more feedback is on the way.

While I really appreciate the enthusiam and focus you guys have on making Dhan one of the most feature rich brokers out there.
I would rather that you guys make sure the existing features work seamlessly.
Forever orders is down since Monday, and despite talking to Customer Support, Writing a community post and explaining the issue over a phone call, I’m yet to receive an ETA on the fix or any communication from Dhan.
I’ve personally seen the “FOREVER ORDERS” broken twice, over the past 11 months of using Dhan.
This may not be a lot of instances, but a feature like this isn’t something the user can check every day to make sure it’s working.

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Hi @Vishk519, forever orders have been opened for few users only for past few days, and we have seen the use-cases on some of them where it did not execute for couple of reasons - DDIS wasn’t activated (it takes some time), limit order but no liquidity at that moment and so on. We will make sure the communication is better. Will review the details of your query with customer service as well.

Hey @PravinJ,
DDIS is required for buy orders as well? If you have it disabled by design for a few then it is a different matter altogether.
I don’t see how liquidity affects the orders from getting triggered if CMP=Trigger Price.
The orders may not get filled, but they should get executed, that is my understanding, correct me if I’m wrong.
I also can’t seem to cancel Forever Orders via Dhan Web, it prompts “POA FLAG IS DISABLE”.

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Finally my wait is complete ! I am an swing trader ! Thank you for making it live !!!

OCO is available too ? If target was hit then SL will be cancelled ?

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The price moved in front of my eyes and Forever order didn’t triggered.

DDPI enabled - Yes.
Required fund in the account - Yes.

The issue is it’s not getting triggered, Even it’s a market forever order or Limit forever order. I tested both the cases. Order get filled or not is the task of the exchange. Also the quantitiy is very limited 25. Market order should gets executed once the price is reached.

In above the screenshot, price moves forth and back twice but order didn’t executed.


Hi @nx.vijay

This needs to be checked, Do help us with your details at, also you can dm me.

Hi @Pradhan

Glad that your wait is over!

At this moment, you will be able to place either target or stop loss in a forever sell order. Further, we have your feedback for OCO (Target & SL).

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Hi Please activate it for MTF also

Hi @yogesh86k

Thank you for taking the time to give your suggestions. We’ve forwarded your feedback to our team.

Not able to add forever sell order on delivery position taken today. I have confirmed with customer service team, they said once the stocks are in holding and are settled, only then I will be able to add forever order. So for same day, I have to place a normal sell order and from next day onwards, I have to place forever order. This is extremely inconvenient.

There should be an option to immediately add forever sell order after buy order is executed.

There is one more issue - forever order cannot be placed from positions, for that one needs to go to orders section and then search for the same scrip again and then add. This is also inconvenient, on the open position itself, there should be an option to directly add forever order reducing the number of clicks and searches required and the quantity should be auto filled if forever order placed from open positions.



Any order placed on the same day is only a position as you have the option to settle intraday and the shares have not been DELIVERED to the DMAT, which completes the Delivery.
So technically since Forever Orders are delivery only, and the shares aren’t delivered, if the order triggers on the same day, there won’t be any shares to debit in the DMAT.

Forever order can also settle intraday because the segment is same, i.e delivery. If it’s triggered same day then the position is squared off, if it’s not triggered same day then it can get triggered anytime within 1 year and debit from holdings.

Hi @Vishk519

We have made some changes in the forever sell order, request you to kindly pls check now.

Thank you for forever orders feature. When can you enable the OCO orders for equity, this would be make the feature set completer

Hi, i cant see sell order option under forever tab. Does it come after the stock has been credited in our demat account?

Hi @Sg10, Welcome to Dhan community.

On every scrip page - say SBI as example, you will see 5 tabs when you open on app - Forever is second one. On top, there is option to toggle between Buy & Sell. If you are trying to set Forever order on sell side for a Stock that you do not have in your demat account - it will show you an error message - ‘Insufficient Quantity’.

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I am not able to see sell option. There is only one option that is buy.

Hi @Sg10, I will check this. Meanwhile - can you confirm you are on the latest version of the app. Please check the App Store, the changes I mentioned went in last release.