Now Live: smallcase. Invest in ideas via smallcase on Dhan. For FREE, and with a seamless experience

We are thrilled to share that smallcases are now live on Dhan!

This was one of the most requested features for Dhan, and we are super excited to bring this to you. smallcases are baskets of stocks, ETFs or REITs, weighted to track a theme, strategy or objective. They help the investors build long-term wealth in the right manner. With smallcases, you would hold the stocks in your demat account and dividends would be delivered to your bank account.

They contain dozens of pre-built portfolios and investment strategies curated & managed by SEBI-registered Research Analysts or Investment Advisors who choose stocks & weights based on the objective of the smallcase.

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How different is your investment experience for smallcase on Dhan
As always, at Dhan we care a lot about your investing experience and ensure its the best possible one. If you are already aware of smallcase, then you will love your experience on Dhan even better.
Here is why,

  • Your smallcase portfolio is marked separately, always.
  • Individual smallcases with their performance tracked directly on Dhan.
  • Best in-app discovery experience for smallcases, filters and labels are coming soon.
  • It’s FREE. Yes, only on Dhan. We do not charge you any fees for investments made via smallcase, not on the first smallcase, or on second or on any SIP in smallcase. Its 100% free on Dhan!

Why invest in smallcases?

  • smallcases are inherently diversified as they include up to 50 securities. Investing in multiple stocks helps minimize risks as opposed to investing in a single stock.
  • You have full control over your investments on smallcases. You can change the stocks & their weightage after investing as per your research.
  • Invest at leisure, even on holidays and weekends in your favorite smallcases. Your orders will get executed once the market opens.
  • smallcases are regularly reviewed by experts to keep them on track. This process is called rebalancing. Users will receive communication once the rebalancing is complete.
  • You can partially or completely exit smallcases depending on your requirement.

How will it work for investors?

The stocks/ETFs included in a smallcase will be credited or debited to your demat account when you buy or sell them. Depending on the stocks that make up a smallcase, the minimum investment amount may vary. Once you’ve decided on a smallcase, you can invest a lump sum amount or set up a systematic investment plan. There will be no additional cost to invest in any smallcases. Brokerage and research/advisory fees apply.

How is it beneficial for investors on Dhan?

  1. It is integrated with your Dhan account. No new accounts or additional steps are required.
  2. Make lightning fast purchases of smallcases from the Dhan app itself. Just choose the smallcase you wish to buy, click on “Invest” and you are good to go.
  3. You can view your invested smallcases in your portfolio within the Dhan app to track their performance.
  4. Investing in smallcases using Dhan is completely free of any additional costs.
  5. Money will be deducted from your trading account itself so make sure you have topped up your funds while making the investment.
  6. On buying smallcases, the stocks will be credited to your demat account itself.
  7. Any dividends or corporate actions on those stocks will be paid to the user’s bank account.

Looking forward to having you experience this one of a kind integration with smallcase. Let us know what you think!



Hi @Pranita , if we invest using smallcase, then will I be able to pledge those investments similar to our direct investments?

Yes you will be to do that.

@Pranita Currently only “Manual SIP” option is available if you invest in Smallcase SIPs via Dhan. When can we expect “Auto SIP”?

Manual SIP - User receives reminder for SIP on the set date, and then they have to manually confirm and place the order.
Auto SIP - Smallcase automatically places order if the required fund is available in broker account.

Hi @mark3tn00b

We have address this here :

@Sameet Pardon but I wanted to get some clarity on the cipher “shortly” used in that answer.