Now Live: Track your Portfolio Holdings & Stocks across all Stock Brokers on Dhan

Dear Investors,

At Dhan, we are building for the long-term and over a period of nearly two years we have built and introduced incredible features for Long-Term Investors.

We can name a few of them - starting with ability to marking stocks for long-term, offering investing in Smallcase for free, Dividend Income tracking, real-time portfolio analytics, dedicated view for ETFs, daily / weekly or monthly SIPs in Stocks, tracking multi-baggers separately, automatic tracking of portfolio stocks via Invested watchlist; and many more like these.

Today, I’m extremely glad to announce that from now you will be able to track your Portfolio Holdings or Shares across all Stock Brokers on Dhan. You can have a consolidated view of all the stocks across all Stock Brokers, view them by individual Stock Broker and most importantly track Current Value of these holdings in real-time.

This is powered by the Account Aggregator (AA) framework, making Dhan once again one of the first Stock Trading & Investing platforms to introduce this to its users via AA. This is fully digital, takes less than a minute and no more need to add data manually, upload any statements or provide access to your email. It is completely digital, real-time and only available for Investors & Traders on Dhan.

Enabling this and tracking all your stocks on Dhan is extremely simple and fast to do, with just a one time set-up which will take you less than a minute.

  1. On the Dhan app, simply tap on Portfolio - you will find the option in “All” (at the bottom) or in the “Ext Stocks” tab.
  2. Tap on Start Tracking!
  3. Once you start this journey, you will be prompted for an OTP to register you with our partner Account Aggregator!
  4. We will now securely discover all your accounts linked with depositories (CDSL or NSDL or both)*
  5. Once your accounts are discovered, you need to provide a consent to track them!
  6. We will notify you as soon as the details of your accounts are fetched.

Here’s a detailed video on how to track your external stocks:

While we’re one of the first brokers to launch this, we’ve also made sure to enable some industry-first capabilities on top of just viewing your external portfolio:

View your consolidated Stock / Portfolio holdings in one place:

Let’s say you love ABC Bank stock and you’ve bought different quantities of the same stock across multiple brokers. You can now view the total value of this stock in one place, at a consolidated level or also in the individual Stock Broker.

Invest more directly from your External Portfolio:

If you want to buy more of ABC Bank stock right on Dhan, simply click on the stock and the company page will open up with more details. Use our powerful “Insights” section to unlock more details of your Portfolio.

All Data in Real-time and Lightning-Fast:

During market hours when we receive exchange feed, your external portfolio valuation will be updated in real-time to reflect current market prices, at lightning-fast speeds.

This is just the first phase of what we’re planning to achieve via Account Aggregator on Dhan and we have much more incredible features lined up in the coming days.

Learn more on Account Aggregator Framework:

While we are on this topic and introduce one of the most powerful features on Dhan via the AA (Account Aggregator) Framework, let’s talk a bit more about this. As you all might be aware, India has been making some massive strides with its Digital Public Infrastructure or DPI or India Stack as it is called now. This serves as a vehicle for financial and social inclusion and includes solutions across Identity (Digilocker, Aadhaar, eSign), Payments (UPI), Data (Account Aggregator) and other Open Networks (OCEN, NDHM).

As a user, you must have already experienced how our onboarding and fund transfer processes leverage the “identity” and “payments” infrastructure of India Stack. Majority of our payments are made via UPI; when you are on-boarded, your KYC is authenticated using DigiLocker, your onboarding documents are e-Signed using Aadhaar authentication, your Bank Accounts are verified via UPI and more such use cases. These integrations make your journey - simple, fast, 100% digital and more importantly safe and secure.

The next phase of using India Stack is to provide you greater access to your own data. This is possible through Account Aggregator. For the uninitiated, an Account Aggregator (AA) is a type of RBI regulated entity that helps YOU securely and digitally access and share information from one financial institution to any other regulated financial institution in the AA network… and this is done only with YOUR consent!

Do experience this today by tracking all your Stocks on Dhan now and let us know if you’ve discovered any forgotten gems in your portfolio!

Download the latest app of Dhan, and get started with your journey with us. As always, drop in your suggestions at

Thank you
-Anirudha Basak
Product at Dhan


Q1. I completed the entire process but it says “No accounts found”!
A1: If you have portfolio in another broker but you’re receiving this message, please verify the following:
(a) The broker should be using CDSL as a depository.
(b) The mobile number registered in the other broker should be same as on Dhan
(c) The other demat account should contain portfolio (and not ETF)
If you continue to face issues, please reach out to us.

Q2: When can I start tracking NSDL accounts?
A2: Support for NDSL accounts will be coming soon. Here’s a quick way to check your depository: If it starts with “IN”, the broker is registered with NSDL. CDSL demat ID (or BO ID) is a 16 digit number, with no alphabets.

Q3: I can view all my brokers, but I’m unable to view some of my stocks.
A3: While this is a rare scenario, we’ve often observed that some unlisted stocks or REITs may not appear on your external portfolio. We get this information directly from your depository and if you feel it is incorrect, please reach out to us and we will promptly raise a ticket with them.

Q4: How can I delete or remove my external portfolio?
A4: While we provide an option to deny consent before you start tracking your external portfolio, we will soon provide support for revoking your “consent” after you’ve completed the process as well. Meanwhile, kindly reach out to customer support if you have any specific concerns about sharing this information.


Another game changer move from Dhan… :+1:

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Portfolio is not updating daily. Refresh time is updating but not the scripts.
Also there is no removal or refresh option available, after once add here

Hi @Lokesh360 and @Champion_Trader,

We’re working with our Account Aggregator (AA) to offer both of these functionalities in our upcoming releases.

While the option to “refresh” will only be available every 24 hours, the option to remove or “revoke” your consent can be done via the AA platform directly - we’re working with them to be able to do this from our platform as well.

It is not working properly. Even if you sell shares from another demat account, it still shows that holding.

Hi @GopalGupta

Welcome to the Dhan Community.

It will refresh in 24 working hours, once you sell the shares from another demat, if those shares are still reflecting please drop us an email at or DM, so we have this check.

Today sync happened but still showing shares sold

Allow me some time to check your details @babubv and @GopalGupta

Hi @babubv and @GopalGupta,

This has been fixed from our end now. Once the next refresh happens, if you continue to observe a mismatch between the external portfolio on Dhan and your other stock broking platform, please let us know.

Please note that it may take at least T+2 business days to reflect the same.

Still shares sold on Wednesday still appears after sync

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Hi @Anirudha @Divyesh , once NSDL tracking is enabled via account aggregator on Dhan, would we get option to enable it again in the app? Currently only cdsl is enabled to choose for on Dhan if I’m not wrong.

Also any tentative ETA on when consent revocation would be implemented in Dhan app itself, if user wants to turn off sync/revoke AA consent and delete all imported data from Dhan? It’s really important, more important before choosing to enable the sync on Dhan. I understand you might not be able to give any concrete eta, but a tentative one (maybe whichever tentative month you are planning to pick that feature to prioritise, if you can share that that’d be helpful).

Also sorry for the follow up – Any plans to add MF imports on dhan too based on PAN (via MFCentral like Smallcase does it), given now that MFs are live on Dhan? Would be amazing to have access to all stocks and MFs across brokers in central place with Dhan, along with charts and insights for the portfolio - will drive so much more adoption for Dhan as well I’d expect (many tools can do mf imports for portfolio tracking, but unfortunately none can do stock imports via AA like Dhan does - so having both in a single place would give so much more utility for Dhan!!).

Hi @dhanuser1,

Thanks for an interesting and valid set of questions, here’s what we think about them:

  1. Consent revocation is not natively supported by any of the AA platforms currently. So it is not a feature Dhan can prioritize, it is up to the AA platforms to extend support, whenever they do. Meanwhile, we’re thinking of creating a step-by-step instruction on how to revoke this from the AA’s own platform.

Please note that consent revocation will automatically delete all your data from Dhan, but may not delete from other platforms you have given access to. The only way to ensure no platform has access to your AA data is to “de-link” your account(s). As per AA, de-linking may never be extended to any external platform and can only happen from AA directly.

  1. MF import via AA and/or MFCentral is on the pipeline. This should happen as more users get early access to our mutual fund product. Tentative ETA: January 2024.

We’re glad you like our Portfolio Tracking by AA. :grinning:

Yeah if that is indeed the constraint from your AA provider - bare min you should add detailed steps on how to revoke consent from AA natively in the app. Otherwise without that - it raises strong questions on data hoarding by the app.

Any idea about the NSDL question that I asked above? @Anirudha

once NSDL tracking is enabled via account aggregator on Dhan, would we get option to enable it again in the app? Currently only cdsl is enabled to choose for on Dhan if I’m not wrong.

Also i’m not sure if revoking AA consent is not visible in any of the AA apps? Fold money ( allows disconnecting the linked bank account natively from the app itself atleast? Am i missing something? maybe i could be missing something, feel free to correct in that case. @Anirudha

Hi @dhanuser1,

  1. Currently, NSDL is not stable as a FIP (Financial Information Provider). We will allow it once these stability issues are addressed.
  2. Fold Money works with a different AA partner than us. I will not be able to comment on their integration. We can discuss this over call in detail if you want to understand later. Let me know over DM!

Alright, i’ll DM if needed. Can you please clarify: once I do remove consent from OneMoney for Dhan - will “all the historical data” fetched by Dhan previously be also deleted from your servers? Or will it be just that you won’t be able to fetch new data after consent is revoked?

Can you share steps here on how to revoke consent from OneMoney for Dhan if needed in future? @Anirudha

I am constantly seeing No Account found message. I have some shares with Zerodha. They use CDSL only. Mobile number registered is same as with Dhan. @Anirudha can u pls check

Hi @t7support,

If you’ve checked all of the above, you must have linked Zerodha previously with our partner account aggregator (OneMoney). While we are in the process of publishing a note on this, let me know if I can guide you the steps to check this over a call.