Now Live: Trade Directly on Dhan from TradingView Mobile Apps

We know Traders love Charts, and also love one of their (and also our) favourite charting platform - TradingView. Just a few months back we launched our integration with TradingView which enabled Dhan users to trade directly from

Our integration with TradingView has been a game-changer for many Super Traders in India, as it has allowed them to execute trades directly from TradingView’s platform. As of now over 40,000+ traders in India have connected their Dhan accounts with TradingView and are seamlessly analysing their trades as well as executing or trading directly from TradingView.

We understand that many traders are on the move, and as a result also frequent users on TradingView apps. Today, we are thrilled to announce that Dhan is now accessible through TradingView’s Android and iOS apps, which means now you can trade directly from TradingView mobile apps!

As the first platform in India to offer this incredible feature, we take immense pride in delivering an outstanding trading experience to our Super Traders. This integration with TradingView offers our users an added level of convenience and flexibility, providing them with a seamless trading experience on one of the most widely used platforms globally.

By connecting to the Trading Panel on TradingView, you can elevate your trading experience and take advantage of some remarkable features like:

  • Pine Editor: Get seamless access to Pine Editor and execute your trades directly without any manual intervention
  • Get access to all the required Pine Script libraries
  • Access to > 1,00,000 Community Scripts
  • Bar Replay - Rewind markets and watch with user-defined speed
  • Use Multiple Indicators
  • Stock Screener
  • 1-Second Chart Timeframes
  • Add Price Alerts across all your positions seamlessly
  • Trade with 12 Charts Types Including Renko, Kagi, and Point & Figure

Note: The access to these features depends on your TradingView subscription.

Quick links for you to get going:

In case you need a quick refresher on how to connect your Dhan account to TradingView, we have this demo for you below.

We are committed to bringing our customers the best possible trading experience, and we believe that this integration will further enable our users to trade seamlessly.

Happy Trading!