Now Trade Directly from with Dhan 🎉

Can we at least trade futures like Banknifty, NIFTY and Reliance directly from after connecting Dhan from broker’s list …?

joined Dhan but after log in trading view it still trading view basic feature
Dhan website was advertising will get pro feature after joining Dhan

Hi @kang7900,

Welcome to Dhan community! is a standalone product. With Dhan integration, you get lightning fast execution directly from TradingView platform and you can use those features, provided if you have the required TradingView subscription.

My holdings aren’t sync on Tradingview and i cant see them(in arrow)

Below are picture from tv.dhan & tv showing the difference

Kindly implement this feature if possible.

Hi @Satyam,

Feedback noted, we will surely evaluate to add it. Thank you!

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This is a very good idea…This will help a lot and we get every thing in one platform

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Any update on MCX integration directly via tradingview?

Hi @HIR, this requires first an update from TradingView, only post that we will be able to integrate.
Also TradingView has their own roadmap that caters to its global usersbase - up to them to prioritise. If we get informed, we will explore bringing this on Dhan.

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@PravinJ MCX future contracts are already there in Tradingview. So then what’s the hurdle ?

@PravinJ @Poornima
I can understand that still trading view doesn’t allow to trade in mcx but you can provide just chart data rite I can’t find any mcx symbol under DHAN

This will appear only when transactions on MCX get enabled. It’s linked in that way.

Native tradingview has MCX contracts. So why can’t we place trades from tradingview to MCX ?

Also in Dhan hosted version the datafeed comes from Dhan right ? Then why there are no MCX contracts ? Who has to enable the transactions ?

Dhan’s own platform and as well as Dhan’s app provide trading in MCX contracts.


Its good to see now lots of brokers, large / small / bank / discount and all following Dhan’s footsteps :slight_smile: Exciting times ahead for traders & investors.

MCX as I have mentioned in few other updates is moving to a new trading system and we will integrate this along with that. Also, it is not just front-end integration, there is lots more we are doing to ensure a better performance and execution speeds.

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how can fyers allow trading in mcx via tradingview but not Dhan?


Only NSE at this moment. This is the first level of integration with TradingView. We will further evaluate and release more exchanges in future updates.

Commodity futures now enabled for trading by Dhan via Great going Dhan. Much awaited feature. Thanks @PravinJ and Dhan team.


@t7support good news! Now you can trade in Commodity Futures contracts directly from using your favorite features. Available on TradingView Web and App.

Read more about this - Now Live : MCX Commodity Trading from with Dhan

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Thanks @shraddha. Am already using it.

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