Now Trade Directly from with Dhan 🎉

Hi @Amarsingh_Shinde,

TradingView does not provide data nor allows trading in the Options segment. Hence, this is not possible directly.

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Is it Possible to make new and multiple watchlist in Tradingview??

How you are going to show margin in TV?


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my first trade using tradingview directly…WOW


Hi @Techanalysis

You shall be able to create your own new watchlist. Moreover, Tradingview does not allows trading in the Options segment.


Record todne ke liye hi aaye hai @PravinJ

Glad to see that @HIR

Hi im having Premium Subscription in Trading view
Im looking forward to renew it with dhan in case if they offer Premium at Trading view cost

I don’t mind for some additional fees in case applicable

My point is kindly make video on using Trading view directly and post it on YouTube



@PravinJ You guys are just Great Thanks to team Dhan for putting so much effort in making dhan a world class trading platform


@Poornima @PravinJ
First of all amazing! Excellent to have Indian broker on trading view for first time! Raising the bar for sure!

Just Letting knw the following since it’s in beta ,

(I am able to connect through trading view mac app but not able to connect or place order in mobile app.)

Also on trading view mac, orders place on MTF doesn’t show up and cannot place new MTF order since option is unavailable.(only intraday and delivery option available)

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how do we can creat a watchlist and options strike price there can you please guide me?


Excellent :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

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@prikulkarni @PravinJ
i really appreciate what Dhan and you as a team did. fantastic & congratulations for it.
Don’t forget Option Traders don’t have much benefit of this move!
You have to bring few things/changes/updates as early as you can in TV.dhan like

  1. default Product type set option (intraday or Normal) ,
  2. order window resizable or horizontally long instead of default big
    size &
  3. last but can’t avoidable Margin requirement calculations before placing an order !

all 3 are equally important & must. all 3 are already present in fyers so don’t say due to hosted liabrary of Tradingview we can’t !
Problem with fyers is a lagging order window & other features of Dhan is missing there. you guys have the ability to make a lag free order window with above 3 points that’s y request you to make it reality !

Currently As an option Trader, i feel i am left with no perfect platform on Dhan as TradingView integration too doesn’t solve above-mentioned things!


Option trading unavailable . Right now only interested in options.

Hi @Atul, Welcome to Dhan community. For option trading using TradingView - suggest using or use the dedicated Options Trading app we have - Options Trader - Options Trading App Built for India | Dhan

@PravinJ Already using . But want to trade directly from tradingview as lot indicators r missing in dhan. Anyways congrats to dhan team for at least integrating dhan to tradingview.

It’s a very good move in this market, but didn’t added options… hope it will come on the way…

Very good option for trading on TV, a robust and strong charting platform.
You are ahead of this industry in innovation and creation…

All the best, hope will see more technological innovation on this platform including security.

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Thank you for your kind words. Yes, more to come from Dhan