OCO order I created for existing options trade position tried to execute as a fresh sell order

This morning I bought an intraday buy trade for BANKNIFTY 20 OCT 39800 CALL and I also setup OCO forever order for the trade. When the stoploss was hit, the OCO order tried to take a fresh sell position instead of squaring off the existing trade.

NOTE: I had no pending orders for this trade at that time.

I think this is a bug and needs to be fixed. I was fortunate enough that the fresh sell order did not go through due to insufficient funds and I had to manually exit the trade with additional loss than intended.

Request you to look into this.


Hi @noopurphalak, someone in our team will need to check logs for this. Request you to connect with our customer service at @Dhan_Help on help@dhan.co, our team will assist you on this.

I have sent an email with the order details to help@dhan.co.

@PravinJ Tried to explain the issue to the help team, but they seem to not understand the exact issue.

@noopurphalak - How many qty it was? I think for qty more than 1250 the order doesn’t go through and needed to manually place those.

@risav1994 Lot size was 1, so the quantity was 25.

Okay. Then there is a bug.