Onboarding is not completed

Hey Team Dhan,

So I was trying to help a friend of mine open an account with Dhan, but it seems the onboarding is taking forever.
It’s been more than 36 hours but the onboarding is yet to be completed, What seems to be the issue?

Also the Chat support is missing, Can’t launch the chat window no matter how I try on the web, and on the app I’m getting no response. What’s happening, I’d like some clarification as to what is going behind the scenes and an ETA on the resolution of the same.

Please someone reply to this promptly!

Chat support never worked for me either.

It kept waiting for agent to join and no reply ever came.

I think email is better way in such a case or this community forum.

Hi reached out to you in DMs. Let me know the no and email id of your friend.

It used to work for me, yeah the replies off late have been a little less prompt but I’ve mostly used the chat for addressing any issues that come up.

Hi @Vishk519,

We’ve highlighted the issue regarding chat to our partner (Freshdesk) and they should be getting back to us soon.

Meanwhile, request you to opt for any of our alternate support channels (email, phone, Twitter) in case you feel the need to do so.

Additionally, we spoke regarding your friend’s account. We are awaiting a response from KRA. We’ve written in detail about it here: Changes to KYC & Onboarding Processes at Dhan!

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Hi @Vishk519 and @amish,

Our chat option is working on web now. Please check and let us know.

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Hey @Anirudha , Thanks for the update.
Just checked and it seems to be working fine now.