Open Interest profile indicator on Banknifty and Nifty future or any Future chart itself

I know I’m asking very premium feature which is provided on other platforms by paying.
Well let me convey it to you at least.

Can you make indicator which will provide open interest value on future chart vertically on every strike price? It is same like volume profile but it will provide value of Call and Put OI on every strike price.
You can provide only number beside every strike price value. That will also fine and no need to provide graphics if you need to work a lot on that.
This feature will attract more people to you. Because this kind of feature not provided by any other broker. :bell: :bar_chart:

Hello @Achchha_Bachcha

Yes, the use case is understood here. We have taken a note of this and we will explore if we can build this.

As you know, Charts on Dhan are built on both ChartIQ and TradingView libraries, so there might be a challenge if it is a library limitation. But if not, we will definitely look into the feasibility of building this.