Open Position Live MTM in Window Title

Hi @PravinJ ,

Instead of showing a fixed Window Title like Dhan - Position, if the application can show Open Position Live MTM in the Window Title it can be much useful to the trader for keeping an eye on the MTM of a multi-leg options position.

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Hi @pushpa ,

Good suggestion, we will surely explore if we can bring this.

If there are multiple positions, bringing them together in a small window title can be cumbersome and long, which can again be a problem if there are multiple tabs open in a single window.

Curious to know your view too.

Hey @RahulDeshpande ,

I suggested from a single strategy perspective i.e. multiple-legs of the same strategy. So, if there are 4 legs of an Ironfly in a position, realtime MTM in the title can be super useful. This use case should suffice most of the users.

But, in case, if there are multiple strategies are created for the same underlying, then custom group shall be created or otherwise overall MTM can be shown by default.

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Otherwise @RahulDeshpande ,

Just provide realtime P&L alert/exit, won’t ask anything else. :blush:


Hi @pushpa ,

Your feedback is noted/ We will surely explore and evaluate.

We have also noted realtime P&L alert/ exit suggestion too.

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