Option chain data is not correct

At dhan platform option chain data is not reliable
i use theta value for last last hour expiry trades but at dhan theta data is inaccurate plz take some action as soon as possible i already share screenshot to customer support .
and i am also attach a screenshot with this post too.

in that screenshot it is clearly visible that option value is 1rs 5rs 7rs but their theta value is still 20plus

i am noticing this form 1st sept.
took loss due to inaccurate data.

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plz take action

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Hi @Trader_Rdx,

This anomaly may happen during expiry. We have explained this in detail here

So that means we should avoid the option chain data on expiry day’s.
And see any other option for expiry day Greeks.

But I observe that dhan’s advance option chain provide wrong data on expiry as well as on other day’s also.

And 1 or 2 point calculation mistake is understandable but. There is huge difference.
Option trader platform is for option trading
And their is highest volatility in options on expiry day …
And now every day is expiry day .

If option chain will not provide accurate data then why put burden on the platform. Just delete the advance option chain feature .



PCR value remains unchanged for ages…