Option Simulator & paper trading along with the exit price feature Like Opstra

Hello, @Naman @PravinJ I would like to request to you guys if u can make an option simulator under the options trader web platform that will be a game changer in the trading industry and also requests the paper trading option along with an option to add the exit price option so user can track the exact P&L even after making an adjustment only this two features are missed under this platform apart from that this option trader web platform is the power-packed one.

hope you will be taking this enhancement request and thinking through on this request.

Thanks & Regards,
Fremil Modi.

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Hi @Fremil1992, thanks for your note. For Option Simulator, we do have a feature of Strategy Snaps where you can create your strategy and view snaps of same over time, and adjust accordingly.

For Paper Trading platform, as much as we would have loved building this for our users, there was a recent circular issued by exchanges that prohibits usage of exchange data for purpose of any kind of paper trading. For that reason, we had to drop our plans to introduce paper trading.

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions, please keep them coming.

@PravinJ @Naman

snaps are not that much efficient some times they will not capture the data as well and rather than snaps you can allow saving the strategy on some other web page from that page user can also add the exit price for the leg he has exited and save that data so it can calculate the proper PNL from the time user has to deploy the strategy this is not the case with the strategy snaps and for me strategy snaps are not useful even if by mistaken the web page has been refreshed captured data will go away.

hope you will understand the pain during the live market per me strategy saving option along with an option to add the exit price that would be the better option than strategy snaps.

Hello Pravin,
is there any plan to implement feature like Option Simulator for Back testing (same like Stock Mock or Opstra) ??
thank you.