Option to place Bracket Order via TradingView Webhook

There is an option to place market and limit orders with the help of TradingView Webhook but there is no option to place bracket orders.
Please also provide option to place bracket order and please make the gap of Stoploss order from 1% to 0.25% in bracket order.


Hi @Ravinder_Sharma ,

Welcome to the Dhan community.

Thanks for your suggestion. Have noted this down. We are exploring all the options we can, since there are certain limitations in the TradingView library, it’s little challenging to build. But be assured, we will surely explore everything and try to incorporate it in our product roadmap.

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Waiting for bracket order in webhook

Any updates on the bracket order or any other way to meet this requirements?

I was just exploring Dhan API and see that we can have Bracket order placed through API. If i add additional paramters in Json like below. If i add the following additional fields in my code to generate alert and use Dhan webhook, will it not work? Ideally this should work right?

boStopLossValue": β€œβ€,

Hi @Kiranakola @yashbindlish We have users who had built their own logic for trading with Webhooks. A enhanced version of webhooks will be rolled out shortly for all - this will be under Orders section with Webhook as an Order Type.

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Hi @PravinJ - Thank you for your reply, so the bracket order type will be supported in the enhanced version of webhooks that is expected to be rolled out shortly?

@yashbindlish @Kiranakola Here’s an exciting update for basket orders using Webhooks. Do share your thoughts on this - Introducing: Webhooks as Order Type on Dhan. Now do Options Trading on TradingView.com

@shraddha - Still don’t see bracket order option in webhooks under orders, Webhook and options.

@yashbindlish apologies, I meant basket orders. Have updated the post :sweat_smile:

@shraddha - Can we not pass our additional parameters as part of JSON alert message?

boStopLossValue": β€œβ€,

would be great to see this feature getting rolled out in webhook soon. Even if we can create our JSON with the BOfields, will this not work Out of the Box?